Who dies in Emmerdale in 2022? It’s a dangerous village to live in!

Could Meena come back to finish what she started? And there's sad news for the Dingles.

Death in Emmerdale is a regular event, but who dies in Emmerdale this year?

We all know Emmerdale isn’t the safest place to live and it seems not a week goes by without someone’s life being threatened or a huge disaster looming.

From natural disasters, horrible accidents, and of course the occasional serial killer, death is always lurking in the Dales.

Death’s as regular a visitor to Emmerdale as some of the drinkers from The Woolpack! (Credit: ITV)

And recently things have been especially bleak for the residents with the death toll mounting thanks to serial killer Meena Jutla.

Meena may have done a runner but the grim reaper is still stalking Emmerdale. Here’s our round-up of who’s on the danger list.

Meena’s victims

Meena’s killing spree put a fair few Emmerdale residents six feet under, starting with poor Leanna Cavanagh back in the summer.

Leanna was Meena’s first victim in the village (Credit: ITV)

As Leanna prepared to celebrate her 18th birthday and head off round the world on a trip of the lifetime,  she stumbled on Meena’s box of murderous mementoes.

And that’s when the serial killer struck.

She chased poor Leanna through the churchyard and ended her pursuit when she pushed the teenager off a bridge, and then finished her off.

The next death in Emmerdale

Next on Meena’s hitlist was Andrea Tate.

She witnessed the merry murderess try to kill love rival Victoria Sugden – which put her firmly in the danger zone!

Andrea was next to die (Credit: ITV)

A dramatic chase and tense stand-off followed in the maize maze with Andrea brandishing a flare gun. When she accidentally set the maize on fire with the gun, Meena struck.

She whacked poor Andrea over the head and left her to die in the maze blaze.

But the killer wasn’t finished.

Then Ben

Next up was Ben Tucker. He’d been scanning the footage from the survival day, keen to clear his own name.

A confrontation between Ben and Meena did not end well for the outdoor pursuits instructor (Credit: ITV)

But when Meena discovered he’d watched the video, she told him the truth and then killed him – letting Liv Flaherty take the blame.

Meena and Manpreet

With things falling apart for Meena, her sister Manpreet worked out what had been going on.

Meena held her sister hostage (Credit: ITV)

But did Meena roll over and turn herself in? Did she heck.

She kept poor Manpreet hostage, and threatened to kill her too. And then she did the same to amateur detective Vinny Dingle as well.

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Manpreet and Vinny may have escaped – thanks to Dr Liam Cavanagh – but is that really the end of Meena’s murderous moments in Emmerdale?

The nasty nurse is on her way back to finish what she started with Dawn Taylor and Billy Fletcher in her sights…

Emmerdale, Dawn Taylor, Billy Fletcher
Are they next to go? (Credit: ITV)

Do Dawn and Billy die in Emmerdale?

They’ve just got engaged, are planning a very quick wedding and have no idea Meena’s lurking around ready to strike.

Having seen their save the date on social media, Meena wants revenge.

And we all know hell hath no fury like a Meena scorned.

So which one of them does she have in her sights? Is it death for Dawn? Or a body bag for Billy?

Will Meena strike again before her reign of terror is up?

Bad news for Charity

The new year got off to a bad start for Charity Dingle and her son Ryan Stocks with more death in Emmerdale.

Emmerdale Dec 27 Loved up Mack and Charity aren't put off by Ryan
Ryan gets some devastating news (Credit: ITV)

Ryan was devastated when he discovered his beloved adoptive mum, Irene Stocks, had died.

And he feels properly guilty when he remembers cancelling calls from his mum.

Just as Charity feels guilty about cancelling Ryan’s call when he phones with the news – because she was spending time with former fianceé Vanessa Woodfield.

Emmerdale Pierce Harris on his wedding day threatens Rhona
Is Pierce back to die? (Credit: ITV)

Does Pierce Harris die?

Rapist Pierce Harris is about to rear his ugly head again when he writes to Rhona from prison.

He reveals he’s dying and he wants her help.

He asks Rhona to find his son, Marcus, but is Pierce really on his way out?

Will he be the next Emmerdale death this year?

Who dies in Emmerdale next?

We reckon there are a few Emmerdale residents who need to watch their backs this year.

Perhaps Rhona Goskirk should be worried with Pierce sniffing around again?

Or how about Jai Sharma, whose money troubles might tip him back into his addiction horror?

emmerdale al chapman
Does Al need to be careful? (Credit: ITV)

And we’re not hopeful for Al Chapman who seems to have a lot of nasty enemies from Cain Dingle, to sinister property developer Gavin.

Who do you think will be next to meet their maker in Emmerdale?

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