Emmerdale Manpreet escape with Meena looking menacing

Emmerdale fans all saying the same thing about Manpreet

She looked remarkably well for a woman moments from death!

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Emmerdale fans have been left stunned after Manpreet Sharma was knocked over by a car driven by Charles Anderson.

In the scenes aired on Thursday night (January 13) Manpreet was finally rescued from her sister’s clutches, only to be run over moments later.

But fears for Manpreet’s life weren’t the first thing on viewers’ minds, they were more concerned with how she was able to walk at all after weeks of being drugged and tortured.

Emmerdale Manpreet is beaten up and afraid
Manpreet could barely stand (Credit: ITV)

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How did Manpreet escape in Emmerdale?

Manpreet discovered her sister, Meena Jutla, was a serial killer at Christmas and then was involved in the Woolpack pub explosion.

Meena then held Manpreet hostage for weeks, drugging her every day with sedatives to keep her weak.

The doctor has been tied up in a freezing barn for the last week before Meena decided to kill her.

Meena also had Vinny Dingle in restraints and tried to kill them both by gassing them with fumes from the Dingles’ van.

However, Liam Cavanagh found them and knocked Meena out.

As Liam went to untie Vinny, he insisted Liam save Manpreet first: “I don’t know if she’s going to make it,” he cried.

But make it she did, and not only that, she was fit and well enough to chase after Meena when Liam went on the hunt for the woman who murdered his daughter.

Emmerdale's Manpreet Sharma will soon discover her sister Meena is a killer (Credit: ITV)
Manpreet is horrified at her sister’s actions (Credit: ITV)

What did fans say about Manpreet in Emmerdale?

Those watching at home were not overly impressed with the believability of Manpreet being able to get up and give chase.

“Yeah, of course Manpreet’s been drugged up, tied up for few, weeks but can go for a jolly through the woods,” wrote one.

Manpreet was nearly dead (Credit: ITV)

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Is Manpreet dead in Emmerdale?

It wasn’t Manpreet’s lucky day when she went out into the woods, was stumbling down the country road and then was hit by a car!

Charles had heard she might be in peril and had gone looking for her.

But in the dark night he’d failed to see the grey figure in front of him and knocked her over.

As first it was thought he’d hit Meena, who was dressed in the same clothes. But when he turned the body over and found out it was Manpreet, he cried out in pain.

Will she survive? And if she doesn’t, will Vinny’s evidence alone be enough to convict Meena, when she’s eventually caught?

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