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Opinion: Emmerdale – Killing off Andrea Tate was THE WORST idea

The. BIGGEST. Mistake.

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Emmerdale’s survival week has just been one bad decision after the next.

Four people on a rope bridge made for two – bad decision.

Emmerdale Andrea Tate dead
Emmerdale made a massive mistake in killing Andrea Tate off (Credit: ITV)

Stealing the emergency phones for their own tryst – bad decision.

Killing off Andrea Tate – bad decision. Possibly the worst the show has ever made.

Now don’t get us wrong – Andrea wasn’t a standout character, a legend never to be harmed.

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But she was a Tate and had potential regardless of whether that was in the village or out of it.

Killing her off is short-sighted especially when there are countless characters in Emmerdale that the term ‘filler’ is too generous for.

And it has decimated the remaining Tates by a third.

Now there’s just Kim left – and Millie – but how long will she stick around with a missing-presumed-dead dad and a dead mum?

So we’ll have Kim wandering Home Farm alone like some kind of businesswoman Miss Havisham with no one around her.

Andrea could stand up against her – and actually – if she can stand up against Kim – then she can outwit Meena.

A serial killer she might be but Andrea was a mum with everything to live for.

It makes no sense that she would have given in to Meena so easily.

She has been shown to be a fighter so she would have fought, not just run away.

Her death was disrespectful – to the character and to the audience.

Meena dies
Of all the people to kill in Emmerdale, Meena chose Andrea (Credit: ITV)

Who should have died in Emmerdale instead?

If bosses were desperate to kill off some characters then here’s a few who are long-past their sell-by-dates.

Sam Dingle – what is the point of him except for being a bad-tempered simpering idiot moaning about his pigs?

Rishi Sharma – if Meena had wanted to kill anyone, then let it be Rishi and save us from his comedy scenes?

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Ben – does he even have a surname? His relationship with Aaron doesn’t work and the amount he talks about canoes is very suspect if you ask us.

Debbie Dingle – she’s never in it anyway. Bring her back and kill her off. It’s not like anyone would notice.

David Metcalfe – he’s run out of women to woo and we could get a nice new shopkeeper in his place.

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