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Emmerdale: Andrea will kill Meena, fans predict

Meena went to attack Andrea

Emmerdale fans are predicting Andrea will kill Meena in a big plot twist.

It’s Super Soap Week and this week Meena, Andrea, David, Victoria, Charles, Manpreet, Mack and Charity set off to do Ellis and Priya’s survival challenge.

David and Victoria ended up falling off the broken bridge and into the river. While they tried their best to get to safety, Victoria went over the waterfall.

Soon Meena found Victoria’s lifeless body floating at the bottom of the waterfall.

Andrea witnessed Meena try to drown Victoria (Credit: ITV)

As Meena had been plotting to kill Vic, she saw the perfect opportunity to out her plan into action.

Instead of helping Vic out, Meena decided to hold her head under water, but this was witnessed by Andrea.

When Meena clocked that Andrea had been watching from the top of the waterfall, she went to see what she knew.

Meena found Andrea and Andrea confronted her about what she saw.

Meena chased after Andrea (Credit: ITV)

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At first Meena told her she was trying to save Vic, however Andrea wasn’t easily fooled.

Meena refused to let Andrea go and explained she tried to drown Victoria as she trying to steal David.

Andrea pushed the nurse over and ran to try to get away from her.

Emmerdale fans predict Andrea will kill Meena

Andrea went into the maze and Meena followed after her. Eventually Meena caught up to her and Andrea told her that Victoria will tell the police about what happened.

However Meena wasn’t bothered and said she was enjoying scaring Andrea.

Meena was about to hit Andrea with a sign before the episode ended (Credit: ITV)

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She then picked up the ‘dead end’ sign and went to hit Andrea with it. As she screamed, the credits rolled.

However fans don’t think this is the end of Andrea. Some are predicting that Andrea will kill Meena in a big plot twist.

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