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Emmerdale fans claim Meena Jutla made fatal mistake as she murdered Leanna Cavanagh

But is it too late for police to act now?

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When Meena Jutla murdered Leanna Cavanagh earlier this month in Emmerdale, eagled-eyed fans spotted a mistake she made.

Is this what will eventually lead to her being arrested and justice served?

Viewers watched aghast as killer nurse Meena took Leanna’s life in harrowing scenes.

Meena brutally murdered Leanna in Emmerdale this week (Credit: ITV)

What happened with Meena and Leanna in Emmerdale?

Leanna had discovered proof that Meena was responsible for the charity box theft – and the death of her friend Nadine.

But she didn’t realise that Meena was a cold-blooded killer, so taunted her.

By the time she realised she was in danger, Leanna was forced to flee her own house to escape.

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She was pursued into the graveyard where she fell and Meena caught up with her briefly.

After chasing her through the village, Meena grabbed Leanna and a struggle ensued until she got her box of murder trophies back.

However, instead of letting Leanna go, Meena pushed her over the bridge to her death.

Emmerdale fans spot Meena’s fatal mistake

But she didn’t leave it there. Walking down to a dying Leanna, Meena prised her ring off her finger to take as a trophy.

And fans think she has sealed her own fate.

In last night’s Emmerdale episode, fans watched as the police’s crime scene investigators searched the scene for every clue.

And with a police investigation they will be sure to find signs of DNA on Leanna’s body.

Meena killed Leanna
Meena Jutla will have left her DNA all over Leanna’s bedroom and body (Credit: ITV)

Fans are now sure it will lead to Meena being caught as she will have no reasonable explanation for being all over the dead girl’s body.

One said: “#Emmerdale does Meena not know about forensics cos she left dna all over Leanna, her room & the murder site.”

A second said: “I have this theory – Leanne grabbed Meena by her hair just before she was shoved over the bridge.

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“Hopefully there’ll be some still in her hand and then MEENA WILL BE TOAST. #DNA”

A third said: “I saw Leanna grab Meena’s hair as she fell.

“DNA evidence should tell the story. And Meena took Leeana’s ring – that’ll be hard to explain away. #Emmerdale”

Leanna’s death ruled an accident

However, there is a bit of a flaw here, as police decided Leanna’s death was just a tragic accident.

Leanna has since been buried. So, Meena would probably have to be caught for another offence before police considered looking into Leanna’s death retrospectively.

And they’d need to have collected and stored all DNA evidence to re-examine.

We can all hope!

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** This article was updated on July 30 to include the most recent storyline details.