Emmerdale SPOILER: Moira warns Amy off Nate tonight!

Amy has been getting close with Nate

Emmerdale has released a preview clip showing Moira Dingle warning Amy Wyatt off farmhand Nate Robinson.

Nate first arrived in Emmerdale a couple of months ago, shortly after kissing Pete’s girlfriend, now fiancée, Rhona Goskirk on the Big Night Out.

Since his arrival, he’s had a one-night stand with Kerry Wyatt and Tracy Metcalfe and recently started seeing Kerry’s daughter Amy.

Emmerdale Pete Nate Credit: ITV
Nate kissed Rhona on the Big Night Out (Credit: ITV)

Amy has no idea about Nate and Kerry’s fling and Kerry has tried her best to keep it secret.

Last month it was reported that Moira would have an affair with Nate.

Emmerdale teased chemistry between the pair a couple of weeks ago when the Barton matriarch was about to walk out of The Woolpack without taking her phone with her and Nate jumped up to hand it over.

As their hands touched, the moment lasted a smidgen too long with them staring into each other’s eyes.

Moira and Nate fueled affair rumours last week when Nate used her shower after the one in his caravan broke and the farmhand chatted to her with his top off.

Moira and Nate after he showers
Nate used Moira’s shower (Credit: ITV)

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But tonight it seems like Moira is starting to get jealous of the time Nate and Amy are spending together and warns the mother of her stepson off Nate.

While Amy helps out Moira clearing the kitchen and looking after Isaac whilst she’s short-staffed on the farm, Moira brings up the topic of Nate.

When Moira suggests things are getting serious between Amy and Nate, Amy says they’re just having a laugh.

Moira then asks if she thinks she should be sharing her time with Kyle.

Moira warns Amy off Nate (Credit: ITV)

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Moira goes on to say: “Well Nate isn’t exactly the settling-down type is he? Chances are he’ll have moved onto another job before winter.”

When Amy says “it’s just a kick about in the park”, Moira says it’s her choice but says that Amy is getting really close with her son Kyle and if it was her, she would cherish that and would “not let some bloke she hardly knows” get in the way.

While rumours of an affair abound, some viewers have predicted Nate is the son of Moira’s husband Cain and others are convinced he is Cain’s brother Nathan’s son, making Nate Cain’s nephew.

Emmerdale is on Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursday on ITV.

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