A short history of Emmerdale’s Amy Wyatt

From teen tearaway to trying to be a good mum...

Amy Wyatt recently returned to Emmerdale after six years away from the village – and not everyone was happy to see her.

As a teenager, Amy caused a massive stir when she fell pregnant by Cain Dingle, then later tried to flee the country after kidnapping their son.

Amy now has a new face after Natalie Ann Jamieson took over the role from Chelsea Halfpenny, but she’s still right in the thick of the action.

Here’s a brief history of Amy’s time in the village.

Who originally played Emmerdale’s Amy Wyatt?

Amy was troubled when she first arrived in the village (Credit: ITV)

Amy arrived in Emmerdale in October 2010, played by Chelsea Halfpenny. She booked into the B&B, claiming to be a trainee nurse – but she was actually a teenager who had fled her foster home.

After Amy ran away again, Victoria Sugden hid her in the cellar of the B&B. While Eric Pollard wanted to send her  packing, his wife Val was happy to let her stay – and soon, she and Amy had built up a nice rapport.

Amy was devastated to find out that her foster parents were separating, and she was being sent back into care. Upset, Amy locked herself in the bathroom and refused to come out until Val arrived.

Val and Eric agreed to let Amy stay at the B&B, and the couple put in an application to foster her. Adjusting to family life wasn’t easy for Amy, though, and soon she was acting out and rebelling against Eric and Val.

As well as drinking and stealing, Amy also fell for Eric’s son, David Metcalfe – but after he rejected her, she ran away from home. Later she tried to blackmail David, and told Victoria they’d slept together!

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Who is Amy Wyatt’s real mum?

Amy and mum Kerry haven’t always had a good relationship (credit: ITV)

Amy’s real mum is Kerry Wyatt, who arrived in the village two years after her daughter.

Kerry was an irresponsible mum, and had been devastated when social services took Amy away from her when she was just eight years old.

Prior to Kerry’s arrival in the village, it had been 10 years since Amy had seen her mum – in fact, when they did finally come face-to-face again, Kerry didn’t even recognise her daughter!

Once Amy revealed who she was, Kerry was keen to get to know her again, and followed her back to Emmerdale.

She didn’t exactly receive a warm welcome from Val, but Kerry was determined to repair her relationship with Amy.

It took a long time for the pair to get things back on track, though, and they had a massive bust-up when Amy started dating her mum’s ex, Andy Sugden.

Despite the fact that Kerry kept constantly messing up, it was clear that she truly cared about Amy – and she proved that by being there for her daughter when she needed her the most.

Recently, Kerry travelled to Belfast to track down Amy after the pair had been estranged for six years.

Who is the father of Amy Wyatt’s son, Kyle?

Amy gave birth to Kyle in a graveyard (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Not long after arriving in the village, Amy had a one-night stand with bad boy Cain Dingle.

A few months later, Amy discovered that she was pregnant with Cain’s baby. She told Cain, and he insisted that she have a termination.

However, when Amy went to the clinic, she discovered it was too late to get rid of the baby.

In December 2011, Amy went in to labour – and gave birth to her son in the graveyard.

Believing the boy was dead, she wrapped him in her jumper and left him in a telephone box.

Amy ran home and told David what had happened. He alerted the emergency services, who discovered that the baby was actually alive.

Amy’s loved ones were stunned when they found out, but Eric and Val supported Amy’s decision to bring up the little lad, whom she named Kyle.

However, after just a couple of weeks, Amy decided that she wasn’t yet ready to be a mum, and decided to give Kyle up for adoption.

Why did Amy Wyatt run away from Emmerdale?

Chelsea Halfpenny as Amy Wyatt
Amy kidnapped Kyle, and planned to take him abroad (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

When Amy heard that Kyle’s adoptive parents had died, she went along to their funeral in the hope of seeing her son again.

Amy discovered that Kyle was now living with his adoptive grandma, Joanie, so she tried to get closer to her in a bid to see more of her son.

Although Amy kept her identity a secret from Joanie, Eric later told Joanie that Amy was Kyle’s birth mum.

Joanie was furious that Amy had lied to her, but was eventually persuaded to let her see Kyle. However, one day when Amy and Kyle were spending time together, he fell into the river and almost drowned.

The terrible incident made Joanie rethink things, and she banned Amy from seeing Kyle again. Amy was devastated, and told social services that she wanted her son back.

When the social worker revealed that gaining custody of her son would be almost impossible, Amy decided to kidnap Kyle and go on the run.

Kerry helped Amy take Kyle from his playgroup, and drove the pair to the docks. Amy planned to start a new life abroad with Kyle.

But when Cain, Joanie, Val and Eric got wind of what she was up to, they came after her.

Cain eventually persuaded Amy to hand over Kyle, after making her realise that a life on the run was no life for a little boy.

With the cops on her tail though, Amy knew she couldn’t stay. She said goodbye to her mum, and boarded a ferry for a new life in Ireland.

Who plays Amy Wyatt now?

Amy returned to the Dales after Kerry tracked her down (Credit: ITV)

In March 2019, Amy returned to Emmerdale played by Natalie Ann Jamieson.

After getting a lead on her daughter’s whereabouts, Kerry travelled to Belfast to talk to her. Amy was shocked to see her mum, and initially refused to consider the idea of coming back to Emmerdale.

Kerry eventually persuaded her that enough time had passed for the police to not be looking for her anymore. And the idea of seeing her son again did appeal to Amy.

The locals were stunned to see Amy back in Emmerdale – but none more so than Cain, who was now looking after their son Kyle full-time.

At first, he refused to let Amy have anything to do with Kyle, for fear that she would try to kidnap him again.

However, he eventually realised that having Amy in his life could only be a good thing for Kyle, and Amy finally broke the news to Kyle that she was his real mum.

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A classic Amy Wyatt quote

Amy wasn’t impressed when her mum didn’t even recognise her! (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

“I’m fine by the way, mam, thanks for asking. And cheers for the lip, at least I’ve got something to remember you by, eh?

“Well, go on, then, go back to your toy boy, and your tabs and your cider, and leave me the hell alone.”

Amy didn’t exactly have a happy family reunion with mum Kerry when she bumped into her during a night out!

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