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Emmerdale fans predict Nate has a vendetta against Cain because they are father and son!

Do you see a resemblance?

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Ever since Nate Robinson arrived in Emmerdale, it was clear he and Cain Dingle weren’t going to be best pals.

And battle lines were drawn this week, when Nate sided with Amy Wyatt when little Kyle went missing but was heroically saved by the mysterious newcomer.

Nate Robinson saves Kyle
Nate saved Kyle from a potentially horrific fate (Credit: ITV)

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When Cain launched a furious attack on Amy and Moira for putting Kyle’s life at risk, Nate called out the father-of-three over his treatment of women.

Thus making an enemy for life of the Dales bad boy.

Cain is rarely called out on his behaviour on the ITV soap, but it’s clear Nate isn’t scared of him.

cain dingle finds out Joe Tate is alive
Does Cain have a secret son? (Credit: ITV)

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Angry with Moira’s lies, Cain raged: “Kyle was meant to be with you, but you palmed him off on her! You lied to me, you forced my son to lie to me.”

“Yeah because I knew you’d lose it if you found out!” Moira shouted back.

Nate couldn’t help getting involved, goading: “Don’t listen much do you, Cain? That how you like it, is it? Keeping your women too frightened to talk back?”

He then called Cain out for sleeping with Amy when she was 16 and ordering her to have an abortion.

Amy Wyatt Kyle missing
Amy is trying to prove to Cain that she deserves to be in Kyle’s life (Credit: ITV)

While some viewers might think Nate was just sticking up for Amy, others have come to an interesting conclusion about Nate’s real intentions in the village…

That he is, in fact, Cain’s son!

One fan tweeted: “So will it turn out Cain is Nate’s dad after all and he’s been told so and so about Cain from his mum? #Emmerdale.”

Another said: “Nate has a vendetta against Cain and he’s using Fake Amy as an excuse to be more angry at him… Is Cain his dad??? #Emmerdale.”


A third added: “What is it with Nate and Cain? Nate seems awfully interested in Cain. Is he Cain’s son?”

“Why exactly is Nate constantly sticking his nose in Cain’s life? Do they have a secret past connection or what?” asked another.

Spoilers tell us that Nate will soon embark on a ‘steamy affair’ with Moira behind Cain’s back

Does this prove that he has it in for Cain? Or does he just really like older women?

Watch out Diane!

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