Emmerdale SPOILER: Flashbacks reveal what really happened that fateful night at the club

The truth is about to be revealed...

The truth about what really happened to everyone after the night club fire alarm went off in Emmerdale’s ‘Big Night Out’ episodes is finally revealed next week in a series of flashbacks.

Fans watched the drama unfold on Thursday April 25 in an action-packed double bill as a group of villagers headed into town for a night out.

The night started out so well… (Credit: ITV)

Unfortunately the fateful night ended up being one to remember for all the wrong reasons, and we were left with more questions than answers by the end of last week.

But Monday May 6 sees the start of Big Night Out flashback week, and finally we will get the answers to all those burning questions.

Emmerdale promises that Monday will set the scene for a series of flashbacks over the course of the week, seeing the soap return to the doomed night in question and reveal exactly what happened to everyone after the false fire evacuation.

The first episode airing on Tuesday May 7 will see Billy searching for Ellis outside the night club after their argument, but as the fire alarm rings in the background, he has no luck tracking down his brother.

Billy reveals what happened the night Ellis got stabbed (Credit: ITV)

But who stabbed Ellis, and why is Billy being so cagey?

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The second episode to air next Tuesday will look at how Maya’s night unfolded as Leyla confesses to Jacob what happened after her, Priya and Tracy got Maya in the car at the end of the night.

Leyla tells Jacob the truth… (Credit: ITV)

The flashback sees the women driving away from the night club and it quickly becomes clear that Maya has been rumbled.

But as she is put under pressure she escapes from the car and with the three women in pursuit, things take a terrifying turn.

Where is Maya now? (Credit: ITV)

Is Maya still alive?

Wednesday May 8 sees Victoria start to open up to Moira about what happened to her after everyone abandoned her at the end of the night.

In a flashback we see Victoria looking for Robert as Amy, Kerry, Bernice and Rhona head off in a taxi.

What awful things happened to Victoria? (Credit: ITV)

Later we see her sitting on a wall next to the kebab van and soon what really happened to her is revealed…

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It is also a week of shock revelations as David struggles as he is left unsettled by what has been happening right in front of him.

Rhona wonders if Pete will ever forgive her for what she did on the night she went clubbing, and Jessie and Marlon demand answers.

Jessie wants some answers from her sons (Credit: ITV)

Sounds like a week not to be missed!

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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