Jurell Carter plays Nate Robinson

Is Emmerdale’s new mystery man Nate Robinson a MENACE?

He first appeared on the Big Night Out

Emmerdale fans finally got some answers about newcomer Nate Robinson during last night’s Big Night Out episodes.

The character was teased for the first time at the end of last month, with the mystery man arriving in The Woolpack to enjoy a pint.

But who was he? And what did he want?

Is Nate about to cause trouble? We hope so! (Credit: ITV)

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Thursday night’s (25 April) episode provided us with some clues.

Before yesterday, Emmerdale had announced the arrival of the shock new character in the village in an unusual way…

The man featured at the end of its Earth Hour video drinking a pint alone in The Woolpack, before looking into the eyes of the camera with a half-smile.

Nate made his second appearance during the Big Night Out episodes (Credit: ITV)

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We were told that Jurell Carter was the actor, but nothing else was confirmed by the soap.

Theories included that he was James Tate’s mate, Billy Fletcher’s prison pal, Bob Hope’s son and even a new Dingle.

But now we know the man is Nate, and he only had eyes for Rhona Goskirk at the nightclub.

When Nate spotted Rhona in the club, he clearly took a shine to her and made his way over to flirt up a storm.

While she rejected his advances, it was obvious she was flattered by the attention.

Viewers know that she’s been having a hard time recently after an accident at the farm left her injured and needing a hysterectomy.

Now going through an early menopause, Rhona has been struggling.

No wonder Nate took a shine to her! (Credit: ITV)

During the dramatic Big Night Out scenes, we later saw the pair leaving the nightclub together when a fire alarm caused everyone to evacuate…

Does Rhona cheat on boyfriend Pete?

Some fans seemed impressed with the newcomer, with one simply saying: “Who’s the dude with Rhona? He’s fit! #Emmerdale.”

Another said: “Good looking man at the club with Rhona. I think he becomes a regular #Emmerdale.”



Rhona’s possible one-night stand and the arrival of Nate were one of many threads during the double episode.

Viewers also saw Priya catch Maya and Jacob kissing, a very drunk Victoria in a precarious position and Billy Fletcher playing with fire.

All will be revealed from Monday May 6, when the events play out during a series of flashbacks.

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