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Linda Lusardi’s “heartbreaking” interview about coronavirus leaves GMB viewers in tears


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Former model and actress Lina Lusardi broke down live on Good Morning Britain today, in a ‘harrowing’ interview.

The 61 year old was in floods of tears as she recalled her ten days in hospital battling coronavirus.

She revealed her COVID-19 symptoms were so bad, she prayed she wouldn’t wake up.

The emotional interview left GMB viewers in tears and emphasised the importance of the UK’s current lockdown.

Speaking to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, the ex glamour model revealed: “I had practically 0 oxygen in my blood and had to go in [to hospital].”

“My poor 24 -year- old son saw us being marched out of the door with paramedics wearing full gear into the ambulance.”

Linda and her partner Sam were rushed to hospital when they both experienced chest pains and started struggling to breathe.

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Linda Lusardi. (Credit: ITV)

Good Morning host Susanna Reid asked :”There was a point wasn’t there Linda when you prayed you wouldn’t wake up”

Linda replied: “Yes it was absolutely horrendous. I thank god I was one of the lucky ones.”

Linda Lusardi also detailed how she asked the doctor whether she would make it through COVID-19.

The NHS worker grimly responded: “I don’t know, you’re 61 and we don’t yet know what we are dealing with.”

Just as she felt she wanted to give up, her husband reminded her to “think of the children, they need a mum”.

She thanked the NHS

Wiping tears from her eyes, Linda continued the moving interview by saying: “I am so so glad to be here.”

“I can’t thank the NHS enough. They were unbelievable”

Finally the former glamour model urged Brits to “Protect the country and follow the rules.”

Piers Morgan, who has known Linda for years added: “I’m so happy you came through it. I really am.”

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Those watching Good Morning Britain were shocked by her admissions but thanked the star for sharing the reality of coronavirus.

One tweet read: “Watching you on @GMB was heartbreaking Linda. I’m so glad that you and Sam and the rest of your Family are all OK now. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I know it was hard for you to do. Take care sweetheart X #GMB @lusardiofficial”

Another added: “In tears at that interview with Linda Lusardi, sounds like hell”

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While one user commented: “Listening to Linda Lusardi has made me cry this morning. I NEVER cry when watching TV. God bless her, what a sweet lady and terrible time her and her family been through.”

A final Good Morning Britain fan said: “This Linda Lusardi interview is harrowing. STAY INSIDE THIS EASTER #GMB”

Coronavirus death toll rises

This comes as, the UK coronavirus death toll has risen again by 786 to 6,159.

Authorities confirmed yesterday (April 7) that there are now 55,242 cases in Britain – an increase of 3,634.

This is the highest number of deaths recorded so far during the pandemic.

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