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Good Morning Britain’s Dr Hilary reveals we are NOT yet at the peak of coronavirus

"Coming out of lockdown too early would be disastrous."

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As Brits near the end of the third week of coronavirus lockdown measures, many are asking – is it working?

Dr Hilary Jones revealed that the UK has not yet reached the peak of its COVID-19 outbreak.

Live in the Good Morning Britain studio, the beloved medic explained why the lockdown should not be lifted anytime soon.

Speaking to Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan, Dr Hilary grimly admitted last night saw the “highest number of cases and fatalities”.

Sadly, UK coronavirus death toll has risen again by 786 to 6,159.

Authorities confirmed yesterday (April 7) that there are now 55,242 cases in Britain – an increase of 3,634.

This is the highest number of deaths recorded so far during the pandemic.

The UK’s  COVID-19 death toll includes a five-year-old child and two teenagers, a 13-year-old boy and a 19-year-old man.

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Good Morning Britain
Dr Hilary Jones joins Susanna Reid and Piers Morning every morning. (Credit: ITV)

Highest number of fatalities

Today on Good Morning Britain co-host Susanna Reid asked Dr Hilary:”When are we expected to reach the peak of  the illness, infections, admissions, mortality?”

She continued: “The peak isn’t the end of it is it? We don’t know how long that peak will last?”

Dr Hilary explained that despite the last 24 hours seeing the “highest number of cases and the highest number of fatalities recorded so far”, we are not at the peak yet.

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“Too early to come out of lockdown”

When discussing the peak, the medic said: “It was estimated it was going to be this Easter weekend, it may be a bit beyond that.”

“It is too early to talk about coming out of lockdown.”

Dr H did divulge that although the figures were growing, this was happening slowly.

The TV doctor went on to stress the importance of the government guidance to stay at home.

“We are getting more cases, we have an exhausted NHS workforce.”

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Dr Hilary Jones on GMB
Dr Hilary Jones live on Good Morning Britain. (Credit: ITV)

Dr Hilary’s plea

“It would be completely unfair to expect them to carry on under the conditions they are working in.”

Dr Hilary pointed out we cannot come out of lockdown because “people are bored.”

Urging the public to take this virus  seriously and “hang in a bit longer.”

Explaining on GMB, he reiterated the length of the lockdown is “being reviewed all the time.”

The medic ended with a final warning: “Coming out of lockdown too early would be disastrous.”

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Coronavirus questions

As the outbreak continues to spread, there is a lot of confusion surrounding COVID-19.

Luckily, Dr Hilary Jones has cleared up many coronavirus rumours live on Good Morning Britain.

Find more coronavirus advice here and on the NHS website.

Latest on the pandemic

Meanwhile, coronavirus Researchers fear UK will become worst hit country in Europe with 66,000 deaths by July.

In other news, France has ramped up its strict coronavirus lockdown rules – banning outdoor exercise in Paris during the day.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson spent his second night in intensive care, after experiencing severe symptoms of COVID-19.

A UK Mayor  has been forced to apologise for Boris Johnson ‘deserves this’ coronavirus comment. 

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