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Dr Hilary Jones tackles 5 HUGE coronavirus myths live on Good Morning Britain

Inaccurate advice is spreading almost as quickly as the virus itself

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Everyone’s favourite TV doctor Dr Hilary Jones has been dispelling more coronavirus myths this morning.

The medic joined Good Morning Britain host Lorraine Kelly to answer viewer’s burning questions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a rise in the spread of inaccurate information on social media.

Today, Dr Hilary revealed the truth about these rumours live on the show.

Viewers have praised the doctor for helping them navigate the coronavirus outbreak.

Explaining testing, hygiene and more – Dr Hilary has proved invaluable during this uncertain time.

In an important segment, he separated fact from fiction.

Sadly, UK coronavirus death toll has risen again by 786 to 6,159.

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Dr Hilary Jones
Dr Hilary Jones has been helping the public with their coronavirus queries live on Good Morning Britain. (Credit: ITV)

Myth #1 Antibody coronavirus tests work

Dr Hilary Jones warned the public to be “wary” of potentially “inaccurate” coronavirus tests being sold online.

These antibody tests have not been confirmed as reliable.

The doctor hit out at companies selling these tests, claiming this was “illegal”.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, the medic explained:”It’s really difficult to get an antibody test that is accurate enough to be reliable and usable.

“All around the world we’re having the same problem, there is no test at the moment which can give you enough sensitivity and specificity, in other words reliability, to rule out false negatives and false positives.”

“Until we get that the antibody test isn’t very worth using.”

Myth #2 The heat will kill coronavirus

Dr Hilary revealed, if you wash your clothes in over 65 degrees, this will kill the virus.

The virus is fragile so if it is outside the human body, it can be destroyed in this way.

Another example would be cooking.

However, once COVID-19 has entered your body, it is harder to kill.

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Dr Hilary said: “Drinking hot drinks is not going to stop you from getting the virus.”

While, the medic admitted “ultra violet light may destroy the virus”, he warned ” do not go and sunbathe”.

You are more likely to pick up coronavirus in a public place and by ignoring government guidelines.

He continued to explain the sun does not kill the virus: “The virus is still affecting hot countries.”

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Myth #3 Gargling with disinfectant or salt water helps

This is not true. Dr Hilary accused people spreading this rumour of “clutching at straws.”

He went on to say: “If the virus is in your eyes, throat and mouth – gargling is not going to help.”

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on today’s show he stressed the importance of hand washing instead.

“The more you do it the better.”

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Myth #4 If you can hold your breath for 10 seconds without coughing you are OK

Many people believe that this test can reveal whether or not someone has coronavirus.

Dr Hilary hit out at this advice and confirmed it is a “complete myth” and not a “reliable test”.

In a passionate segment, he called this rumour: “nonsense.”

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Myth #5 Spraying alcohol or chlorine over your body will kill the coronavirus

This is yet another myth. It will not prevent or kill COVID-19.

However, Dr Hilary said: “It will damage your skin”.

Scottish TV presenter Lorraine agreed: “It is a very silly idea.”

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What SHOULD people do to stay safe from COVID-19?

With the inaccurate advice spreading almost as quickly as the virus itself, Dr Hilary reiterated how to keep safe amid the pandemic.

“Stay at home. Work from home if you possibly can. If you do go out for one exercise a day keep it relatively short.

“If you do want to go out as a household that is fine, but socially distance from other people.

This means no more than two people gathering in a public place.

If we follow those rules and we hand wash and use hand sanitiser, we are doing all we can.

If everyone does this we reduce the transmission of the virus, reduce the severity and reduce the amount of people going into hospital.”

Good Morning Britain‘s doctor expressed if everyone follows these rules:

“We come through the lockdown quicker and we get through this pandemic.”

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