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Emmerdale spoilers: Shock return destroys Dawn and Billy?

Their happy ending isn't looking promising...

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Dawn Taylor and Billy Fletcher’s future is thrown into chaos by a shock return.

Dawn is busy planning her wedding – which is very soon. But lurking in the background are several people who could spoil everything…

Will Dawn’s big day go ahead without a hitch – or could a face from the past spoil everything?

Emmerdale Feb 1 2022 Alex returns
Dawn is stunned by Alex’s arrival (Credit: ITV)

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Who returns in Emmerdale?

Dawn’s ex, Lucas’s dad, Alex, is rearing his ugly head again, but what does he want – and how will affect Dawn’s future?

The week starts well for Dawn who is planning her big day. She asks Harriet to be her maid of honour and it all seems to be coming together.

But they still need a venue.

Step forward Kim Tate. Her reaction to Dawn’s wedding date was a little lacklustre, so she offers Home Farm as a venue to make it up to her.

Dawn is thrilled, excited that it’s all coming together, but then everything takes a turn…

Emmerdale 20 Dec Lucas's dad Alex arrives after Meena calls him and stirs trouble
Alex previously fell for Meena lies (Credit: ITV)

Why is Alex back in Emmerdale spoilers?

Alex arrives at Dawn’s place, keen to explain his actions over Christmas.

After being manipulated by Meena, Alex took Dawn’s son, Lucas, and ran off with him.

Billy helped Dawn find Lucas and bring him home, and the incident actually reunited the couple and made them stronger than ever.

However, now Alex is back – but why?

He pleads with Dawn to let him explain why he did what he did, but surely he’s not just here to say sorry?

Why is Alex really back? What’s behind his return? And will it ruin Dawn’s wedding – and her happy ever after?

Emmerdale Thu 27 Jan Meena returns when she sees the Save the Date
Meena is back and she wants revenge (Credit: ITV)

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Meena is also on her way back!

And let’s not forget who else is lurking in the shadows of the Dales.

Murderous Meena Jutla is on her way back to the village to cause havoc.

She is thirsty for revenge and she won’t stop until she gets it.

After seeing Dawn’s save the date online last week, Meena knows exactly who to target and when to do it.

Even if Alex proves not to be a problem, Meena certainly is. Dawn had better watch her back!

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