Emmerdale: Meena looks murderous as Dawn looks concerned

Dawn Taylor in Emmerdale: Who did she kill? Does Meena murder her next?

Dawn's killed once before - could Emmerdale murderer Meena have finally met her match?!

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Dawn Taylor in Emmerdale is a former prostitute and drug addict who crossed paths with the villagers when Ross Barton tried to track down dealer Simon McManus.

But Dawn turned out to have more links with the village than just troubled Ross Barton.

Since then she’s killed once and now she’s locking horns with murderous Meena Jutla.

So what’s her story and could she be the one to expose Meena’s crimes?

Dawn Taylor’s arrival in Emmerdale

Ross and Dawn found more common ground than their hatred of dodgy Simon, and struck up a friendship with each of them supporting each other through their addiction issues.

Dawn told Ross about her son, Lucas, who had been taken into care because of her troubles.

Dawn met Ross Barton when he was trying to track down evil Simon McManus (Credit: ITV)

After Ross left the village, Dawn showed up in Emmerdale and this time she moved in with Ross’s brother, Pete, and his girlfriend Rhona Goskirk.

But when Dawn misread the signs and tried to snog Pete, Rhona – not surprisingly – was annoyed. There was a bit of a barney in the cafe and Dawn shoved Rhona into a chair.

Worried she had really hurt the other woman, Dawn fled. But as she tried to run she was stopped by Emmerdale vicar Harriet Finch and in shock Dawn recognised her.

Is Dawn Harriet Finch’s daughter?

It turned out, former copper Harriet had a five-year romance with Dawn’s dad Will, growing close to the young Dawn and acting as a mother figure.

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As it happened, Harriet had been undercover the whole time and when she shopped Will, he went to prison and Dawn went into care.

Dawn and Harriet had a lot of history (Credit: ITV)

Dawn was furious with Harriet, and vowed to get revenge on her for betraying her family.

But when Will – who Dawn thought had died in prison – showed up, the family managed to put their differences aside and start to build a life together. Dawn even managed to start seeing little Lucas again and began to be a mum at last.

Then dodgy cop DI Malone arrived in the village. He was an old flame of Harriet’s and as it turned out, the leader of the gang Will had been working with before he went to jail.

Malone was soon blackmailing Will into working for him and to add insult to injury, having an affair with Will’s now fianceé Harriet too.

Dawn Taylor turns Emmerdale killer

Brave Dawn found out the truth and went to the police to report the dodgy detective, and that’s when things got really dark. Evil Malone turned up at Dawn’s house and threatened her, trying to force her to take a drug overdose.

Dawn killed Malone (Credit: ITV)

At the last minute, Harriet arrived and saved the day by whacking Malone over the head!

But it wasn’t over. Malone soon revived and desperate to put an end to his evil deeds, Dawn shot him three times with the gun he’d been threatening her with.

Later Dawn and Harriet buried Malone in a grave belonging to another man. But when that grave was exhumed, Harriet panicked and she and Will moved Malone’s corpse just in time.

Who has Dawn dated in Ememrdale?

Dawn was in a relationship with Jamie Tate for a while, but they split when he tried to frame her dad for poisoning his mum, Kim Tate.

In fact, it was Jamie who was trying to kill his own mother.

Dawn couldn’t forgive him and refused to join him when he proposed they leave Emmerdale and start a new life together.

Jamie subsequently drove his car off a cliff into a lake and is presumed dead. However, viewers know he is alive and well and faked his own death to escape Kim’s clutches

Prior to being with Jamie, Dawn had a relationship with Billy Fletcher, but ended things to protect him from the truth about Malone’s murder.

However, Billy knows what she did and it’s clear he still loves her.

Now Dawn’s realised she’s still got feelings for Billy too. Except Billy’s just got himself entangled in a passionate – at least as far as Meena is concerned – romance with Meena Jutla.

Meena wants Dawn to stay away from Billy, but she doesn’t know Dawn’s dark secret (Credit: ITV)

Will Meena kill Dawn?

Meena has already told Dawn to stay away from Billy and is busy manipulating her into thinking she’s causing her former flame too many problems by trying to be friends.

The latest killer to stalk the village even warned Dawn that she had no idea what she was capable of.

Only thing is, we all know that Meena’s not the only murderer in the Dales. Dawn’s killed once to protect Harriet. Could she lash out again if she thought Billy was in danger?

Or could Meena get there first and finish off poor Dawn?

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