Emmerdale who's leaving and returning in 2022

Emmerdale in 2022 – who’s leaving and who’s arriving in the village this year?

Tracy's off and Vanessa's back! But who else is coming and going in the new year?

Emmerdale in 2022 seems as though it could be just as deadly as the village was in 2021!

It’s looking like there are going to be more departures – possibly at the murderous hands of killer nurse Meena – but there could be some returns too.

Here’s our round-up of who’s coming and going in 2022.

Who’s leaving Emmerdale in 2022?

Tracy Metcalfe

Emmerdale Tue 4 Jan Tracy is hurt Nate hasn't tried to see the baby
Devastated Tracy is leaving for a while (Credit: ITV)

Tracy‘s off for a while at least as actress Amy Walsh is on maternity leave with her first baby.

Tracy and Nate have broken up after he cheated with Fiona, who we now know was Vanessa’s girlfriend!

As he struggles to repair his relationship, Vanessa is determined to keep Tracy away from Nate. Will she drive them even further apart by convincing Tracy to leave the Dales altogether?

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Liv Flaherty

Will Liv be banged up for good? (Credit: ITV)

Poor Liv’s banged up at the moment, after being falsely accused of killing Ben.

But former boyfriend Vinny Dingle is determined to prove Liv is innocent and he’s on a mission to find the evidence that will spring her from jail.

But will he succeed or will Liv end up behind bars forever?

Ellis Chapman

Aaron Anthony as Ellis Chapman in Emmerdale
Aaron plays Ellis Chapman (Credit: ITV)

Ellis got into serious trouble when he abandoned Belle and little Kyle in the woods, in order to rush to Priya’s aid.

Actor Aaron Anthony is said to have quit the show after a row over inappropriate comments made to a mixed-race actress.

Could Ellis leaving Kyle in the freezing forest lead to Kyle’s dad Cain taking terrible revenge? Will Ellis die?

Dawn Taylor and Billy Fletcher

Emmerdale, Dawn Taylor, Billy Fletcher
Could Billy and Dawn be in danger? (Credit: ITV)

We’re totally loving Dawn and Billy reconnecting but it seems Meena isn’t so happy about it.

Last time someone dumped her, Meena tried to kill Victoria Sugden and then bumped off Andrea Tate.

So we can’t help thinking Dawn and Billy getting back together would put them both in dreadful danger…

Manpreet Sharma

Emmerdale, Meena Jutla, Manpreet Sharma
Is Manpreet going to be Meena’s next victim? (Credit: ITV)

Manpreet is currently next on her serial killer sister’s hit list.

Drugged and tied to a bed, Manpreet knows she may not have long left to live. Meena gives her seven days until she dies and orders her to write a suicide note this week.

Meena is then seen dragging a body bag into her car and depositing Manpreet’s earrings in her box of trophies.

Has Manpreet become Meena’s next victim – and the first of 2022? Or will she manage to escape?

Actress Rebecca Sarker, who plays Manpreet, has given no indication that she’s leaving, but it wouldn’t be the first time Emmerdale has kept a huge departure secret…

Emmerdale Meena plans to kill Manpreet in seven days
Will murderous Meena leave the Dales? (Credit: ITV)

Meena Jutla

Although Emmerdale are staying tight-lipped on when Meena’s storyline will come to an end, it surely has to be sooner rather than later?

With three kills under her belt and Manpreet captive, plus Samson Dingle and Vinny Dingle in her sights, it’s fair to say she can’t keep her killing spree going for much longer.

The end must be nigh for Meena – but will Paige Sandhu, who plays her, be leaving for good or will the door be left open?

Is Meena going to face justice in court, or will she go out in a blaze of glory and pay for her crimes with her own life?

Emmerdale Debbie Dingle tells Priya Sharma Al Chapman has been sleeping with them both
Charley Webb has reportedly put Emmerdale behind her (Credit: ITV)

Debbie Dingle

Debbie was last seen a year ago when she exposed Al Chapman as a cheat and fled back to Scotland.

At the time she was said to be going back to find a manager for her garage up there and then returning.

However, she’s still not comeback 12 months on and reports have emerged that suggest she won’t ever return.

A source told The Sun: “Charley is closing the door on Emmerdale for good and won’t be going back.

“The past few months have given her time to think about the future and it is one that doesn’t involve Emmerdale.

“Matthew being caught up in the row on set fuelled her decision to step away.”

In addition, they added: “Naturally the door is open for her character, who is now living in Scotland, should she change her mind. But for now she is looking to the future.”

An ITV spokesperson confirmed there are “no current plans” for her return.

Coming home?

David Metcalfe and Victoria Sugden

Emmerdale David worries by Victoria's bedside
Will David and Victoria return in 2022? (Credit: ITV)

Actors Matthew Wolfenden and Isabel Hodgins are currently taking a break from filming.

It comes after they were embroiled in an alleged race row over comments made about a co-star.

Fans claim to have seen Matthew leaving the set, making them think he has returned to filming but no return date has been officially confirmed

Vanessa Woodfield

Emmerdale Mon 3 Jan Vanessa announces she's staying in the village for good, throwing Charity
Ness is back but for how long? (Credit: ITV)

Vanessa‘s back! Just in time to put a proper spanner in Mackenzie and Charity’s works.

She tells Charity she’s definitely sticking around and refuses Charity’s request to spend time with Johnny.

However, will Ness really stay if sister Tracy is leaving, and Charity’s moved on? Or could her return be short-lived?

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