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Emmerdale in 2022 – who’s leaving and who’s arriving in the village this year?

Meena's end is really near

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Emmerdale in 2022 seems as though it could be just as deadly as the village was in 2021!

It’s looking like there are going to be more departures as murderous killer nurse Meena’s reign finally comes to an end.

But will she be going alone? Or will she take more villagers down with her?

Here’s our round-up of who’s coming and going in 2022.

Who’s leaving Emmerdale in 2022?

Meena savours the thought of facing Manpreet in court
The killer’s reign is almost over (Credit: ITV)

Meena Jutla

The serial killer is behind bars and actress Paige Sandhu has filmed her final scenes saying the “incredible” ending made her cry.

Meena is to face trial for her murders and is preparing to face her audience in court.

After weeks of indecision, Manpreet will decide to testify against her sister. She’s a key witness, so could this mean Meena’s going down?

It’s fair to say nothing is ever straightforward as far as Meena is concerned and she calls Wendy as a defence witness. What could she want with Wendy?

She’s also started charming a prison officer. It begins with a smuggled chocolate bar, but will it lead to something bigger and more dramatic?

As the trial gets underway, the viewers can’t see how she can walk away a free woman. But Meena’s sure to have a plan.

Will Paige be leaving for good after Meena is banged up? Or will the door be left open – could she escape and go on the run? And will she kill again before she goes?

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Emmerdale Debbie Dingle tells Priya Sharma Al Chapman has been sleeping with them both
Charley Webb has reportedly put Emmerdale behind her (Credit: ITV)

Debbie Dingle

Debbie was last seen a year ago when she exposed Al Chapman as a cheat and fled back to Scotland.

At the time she was said to be going back to find a manager for her garage up there and then returning.

However, she’s still not comeback over 12 months on and reports have emerged she won’t ever return.

A source told The Sun: “Charley is closing the door on Emmerdale for good and won’t be going back.

“The past few months have given her time to think about the future and it is one that doesn’t involve Emmerdale.

“Matthew being caught up in the row on set fuelled her decision to step away.”

In addition, they added: “Naturally the door is open for her character, who is now living in Scotland, should she change her mind. But for now she is looking to the future.”

An ITV spokesperson confirmed there are “no current plans” for her return.

Coming home

Tracy Metcalfe

Emmerdale Tue 4 Jan Tracy is hurt Nate hasn't tried to see the baby
Devastated Tracy has gone for a while (Credit: ITV)

Tracy‘s off for a while as actress Amy Walsh is on maternity leave with her first baby.

Tracy and Nate have broken up after he cheated with Fiona, who we now know was Vanessa’s girlfriend!

Vanessa was determined to keep Nate and Tracy apart, but she didn’t plan on Tracy taking up a new job in Nottingham.

She has gone to help other struggling new mums to cope, but she will be back at some point.

Amy joked ahead of her departure that Tracy would probably “fail” at her new job and come back to the Dales “in about a year’s time!”

For now, Amy and partner Toby-Alexander Smith are in the baby bubble with their adorable daughter Bonnie.

However on screen, Nate is struggling without his daughter. He’s set to spiral into a hole of booze and meaningless sex, but will Tracy return to save him from himself?

Mackenzie Boyd in Emmerdale is plotting with Charity Dingle
Mack is back (Credit: ITV)

Mackenzie Boyd

Earlier this week Emmerdale aired the surprise return of the Mack when Mackenzie Boyd walked back into Charity’s life.

Moira had left Charity by the side of the road in the middle of the Lake District with no way of getting home in revenge for what happened between Charity and Mack.

But Vanessa called Mack who came to collect Charity and drove her back to the village.

She took this as a sign that their ill-fated romance was back on, but he knew all about her near-kiss with Vanessa, and merely wanted to humiliate her in front of everyone.

He told her in no uncertain terms they were never ever ever getting back together.

But does this mean he’s off back to Scotland again?


Mack has returned to the show and is sticking around. But who will he set his sights on next?

Victoria and David returned last week (Credit: ITV)
Victoria and David returned in January (Credit: ITV)

David Metcalfe and Victoria Sugden

These two have left the village and come back more times over the last six months than we’ve had hot dinners.

Actors Matthew Wolfenden and Isabel Hodgins took a break from filming after they were embroiled in an alleged race row over comments made about a co-star.

But they finally returned to screens on Friday, January 28 after months of speculation about when – and if – they’d come back.

Victoria and David had been holidaying in Portugal, but returned after the news of Meena’s killing spree broke.

However, once Meena returned again and was finally caught, Victoria was shown footage of Meena trying to kill her.

Vic got spooked and the pair packed up and headed off again to London until Meena was safely behind bars.

David returned only a day later, but there was no mention of Victoria.

They have been seen very little on screen lately, although are both still very-much members of the cast. But how much more coming and going will there be?!


Suzy is Vanessa's new love interest in Emmerdale
Will it be true love for Suzy and Vanessa? (Credit: ITV)


Actress Martelle Edinborough is set to arrive as Suzy, a new love interest for Vanessa.

An accident which sees Vanessa bump into Suzy and ruin the cake she’s carrying, turns into a second chance meeting the following week.

A flirty exchange follows and the pair set up a dinner.

But how will the date go? And what does it mean for Vanessa’s future with Charity?

Martelle is set to be a regular fixture in the Dales and has several storylines coming up.

**This article was last updated on April 1 2022 to reflect ongoing cast changes in Emmerdale.

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