Who plays Harriet in Emmerdale? When did she first arrive?

Harriet is the village vicar

Harriet first appeared in Emmerdale in November 2013. But who plays Harriet in Emmerdale and who are Harriet’s family?

Harriet Emmerdale: Who plays the vicar?

Harriet is played by actress Katherine Dow Blyton.

Katherine has appeared in many popular TV series and soaps before being cast in the ITV soap.

Between 2005 and 2006 she played Sally Hunter in Hollyoaks and between 1996 and 2007 she played multiple different roles in Coronation Street.

Katherine Dow Blyton plays Harriet (Credit:

She has also had multiple roles in Doctors and in 2012, she played Annie in The Syndicate.

Katherine is well-known for playing Chrissy in This Is England 86′, This Is England 88′ and This Is England’ 90.

You may also have seen Katherine in Casualty and Scott and Bailey.

Harriet Emmerdale: Who are her family?

Harriet’s mum is a woman named Mildred Finch, but she has never been seen on-screen. Her mother is the cousin of Edna Birch, making Edna Harriet’s second cousin.

Edna is Harriet’s second cousin (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

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Whilst Dawn Taylor is not Harriet’s biological mother, she is the closest thing Dawn has.

Harriet’s life before Emmerdale

Dawn was raised by her dad Will.

Before their life in Emmerdale, Will was a drug smuggler, working for corrupt copper DI Malone.

Eventually Will started a woman named Michelle (who was actually Harriet acting as an undercover police officer).

After five years, Harriet shopped Will in and he went to prison. Meanwhile Dawn went into care.

At the time, Harriet was working with DI Mark Malone, but was unaware he the ruthless leader of Will’s gang.

Before their live in Emmerdale, Harriet went out with Will as part of her job in the police (Credit: ITV)

In 2018, Harriet, who is a vicar now, reunited with Dawn and the two eventually built up their relationship. However they both believed Will to be dead.

In 2019, Harriet started to be stalked and it was revealed Will was alive and was stalking Harriet as revenge for getting him sent to prison.

Eventually they got back together. But in 2020, Malone came back into the picture and started to force Will into working for him again.

Who has Harriet dated?

When Harriet first arrived in Emmerdale, she befriended Dom Andrews.

However in 2014, Dom’s daughter Gemma fell unconscious after hitting her head in an argument with Belle Dingle.

Harriet and Dom (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Harriet found Gemma and called an ambulance. But it was revealed at the hospital she was brain stem dead and Dom made the tough decision to have her life support switched off.

Harriet felt guilty as she stopped Dom from calling Gemma on the night she died. Although he was furious and lashed out Harriet after Gemma’s death, he later apologised to her.

Shortly after Gemma’s death, he left the village.

Cain Dingle Emmerdale
Harriet and Cain dated (Credit: ITV)

Harriet briefly dated Ashley Thomas and later went on to have a relationship with Cain Dingle but they broke up as he realised he was still in love with his wife Moira.

Did Harriet kill Malone?

Last year Harriet became aware that Malone had been forcing Will to commit crimes for him again. But despite this she had an affair with him.

When Dawn discovered the affair, she reported Malone to the police.

After finding out Dawn reported him, Malone tried to force her to take drugs and overdose. But when Harriet came in, she knocked him unconscious.

Emmerdale Dawn Malone
Harriet had an affair with Malone (Credit: ITV)

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Soon Malone got up and came at Dawn and she used his gun to shoot him. Dawn and Harriet buried Malone’s body in a grave, on top of another man’s coffin, in the local cemetery.

However a few months ago, the true occupant’s daughter wanted to exhume her dad’s body.

Will and Harriet knew they needed to take action to stop Malone’s body being found and moved him to the grounds of Home Farm.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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