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Good Morning Britain’s Dr Hilary explains why you’re so tired during lockdown

Brits reveal the pandemic has disrupted their sleep

Good Morning Britain viewers have revealed how the pandemic has affected their sleep patterns.

Brits have come to terms with a new way of life, ever since the government imposed a lockdown on March 23.

Media medic Dr Hilary Jones appeared on GMB, sharing tips on how to sleep better during this uncertain time.

Good Morning Britain’s Dr Hilary Jones has shed light on COVID-19 over the last few weeks.

As part of his daily appearance, the medic responds to questions from viewers and his co-hosts.

One GMB fan shared that lockdown had disrupted her sleeping.

The viewer revealed she was “getting up too early and sleeping in the day.”

Lorraine Kelly agreed: “So many people are telling me they’re exhausted. They are just tired all the time.”

Dr Hilary Jones
Dr Hilary Jones spoke about tiredness today (Credit: ITV)

Why am I so tired during lockdown?

Dr Hilary Jones explained that this was not an uncommon complaint. Many people were feeling the strain of the lockdown.

Lorraine asked why people are so tired, despite doing much less than they would in ordinary life.

The Scottish presenter added: “We are only leaving the house once!”

The Good Morning Britain personality revealed that people are on “hyper alert”.

Dr Hilary explained: “They are listening to the news, worrying about the future and that can be exhausting.”

“It is that sort of mental concentration on worst case scenarios. That can be draining”

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How to sleep better during the coronavirus pandemic

As Brits across the country grapple with the “new normal”, Dr Hilary had some tips to silence racing minds.

The doctor said: “It is important to be able to switch off [the news] and distract yourself from time to time.”

He went on to praise exercise as “really important” as it helps you to sleep and “improves the quality of sleep.”

When it came to things not to do, naps were on the list.

Dr Hilary advised Good Morning Britain fans to “avoid napping in the day” as it could “hinder your sleep.”

The medic continued: “If you do feel a bit sleepy in the afternoon, usually after lunch, keep yourself busy.”

“Walk or do your exercise then!”

Lorraine Kelly added: “Don’t take your devices into the bedroom, the temptation is to look look look and two hours have gone by.”

Dr Hilary agreed: “Yes it’s blue light it’s increasing the hormones at the back of the eye that keep you awake.”

“Even TV. If you’re going to watch TV in your bedroom, make sure it’s a funny film that lifts your spirits. Not too gloomy. ”

“Maybe read a book instead, it will help you drift off to sleep.”

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Coronavirus questions

Since the outbreak started, there has been a lot of confusion around COVID-19.

Luckily, Dr Hilary Jones has been on hand to clear up many coronavirus rumours live on Good Morning Britain.

Find more coronavirus advice here and on the NHS website.

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