Emmerdale Cain and Nate

Emmerdale tonight: Cain makes shock move to save his family

After Belle's failure to reunite Nate and Tracy, Cain steps in

Emmerdale tonight sees Cain Dingle come up with a plan to reunite Tracy and Nate and save his family from breaking up.

But with Tracy adamant she can’t trust Nate, will Cain’s master plan work?

Also, Billy wants to talk with Dawn and issues her an ultimatum – how will she respond?

And, the fallout from Liv‘s video continues.

All this in tonight’s Emmerdale spoilers.

Will Cain’s plan actually work? (Credit: ITV)

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Emmerdale: Cain plots

Nate explains to Belle her plan to reunite him and Tracy failed as Tracy still feels inadequate and unable to trust him.

Ready to give up, Cain tells him to hold that thought and reveals he has a plan.

As he puts things into motion, Nate is shocked by what Cain’s come up with.

But will it work? Can the move finally make Tracy forgive Nate and bring their family back together?

Emmerdale Dec 1 Billy wants assurance from Dawn she won't break his heart
Will Dawn tell Billy what he needs to hear? (Credit: ITV)

Billy issues Dawn with an ultimatum in Emmerdale

After their kiss yesterday, Billy can’t get hold of Dawn.

He eventually bites the bullet and turns up at Woodbine insisting she listen to what he has to say.,

Billy explains he wanted to kiss her and he wants to be with her. However, he wants her reassurance that she’s all in too.

Their past is messy and Billy wants to know she’s not going to break his heart again. Can Dawn tell him what he needs to hear?

Will Lydia do the right thing? (Credit: ITV)

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Lydia struggles with her secret

After her discovery of Ben’s phone in Liv’s belongings – and the video that’s on it – Lydia is struggling.

She knows doing the right thing and turning it into the police would destroy her place in the Dingle family. However, she’s also honest and good and realises she can’t live with this on her conscience.

As she grapples with what to do, Liv is also feeling the pressure. She told Lydia they have to destroy the footage, but will Lydia be able to?

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