Emmerdale star Amy Walsh reveals struggle with pelvic girdle pain

The Tracy Metcalfe has been unable to walk some days

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Emmerdale star Amy Walsh has revealed she has struggled with pelvic girdle pain throughout her pregnancy that left her unable to walk some days.

The Tracy Metcalfe actress is expecting her first child with EastEnders actor Toby-Alexander Smith just before Christmas.

However, despite her baby joy after she thought she would struggle to conceive, pregnancy has not been without it’s complications.

Amy Walsh smiling
Actress Amy Walsh is expecting her first child (Credit:

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How has Amy’s pregnancy been?

In a recent interview with OK! magazine to celebrate her baby shower, Amy revealed she had terrible sickness for the first 17 weeks of her pregnancy.

She went on to explain after just three weeks feeling better, she was struck with pelvic girdle pain.

PGP is several uncomfortable symptoms caused by the stiffness of pelvic joints.

“I was really upset,” Amy revealed.

“I thought, ‘I’m not going to be able to do the rest of the pregnancy. How am I going to work?’

“It was so bad, I couldn’t even get to the toilet. Some days I couldn’t even walk.”

The star went on to say she sought help and it really made a difference.

“I decided to see a physiotherapist and an osteopath and the best thing I’ve done is kept up with that.”

Amy Walsh aka Emmerdale's Tracy Metcalfe smiles on the red carpet at the press night of Big the Musical
Amy announced her pregnancy in September (Credit:

When did Amy Walsh announce her pregnancy news?

Amy and her partner, EastEnders star Toby  revealed they were expecting their first baby together in September.

The couple shared their happy news with OK!, with Amy admitting they’re “so excited” to become parents.

Amy, 34, was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries at 20, so thought her fertility might be an issue.

However, the couple didn’t end up trying for very long before she fell pregnant.

“It feels as though the way everything happened was meant to be. I thought I might struggle with fertility, so for pregnancy to happen quite easily and when I wanted – I was gobsmacked. We feel incredibly lucky,” Amy said.

Amy is set to leave as Tracy soon (Credit: ITV)

When is Tracy leaving Emmerdale?

With Amy’s impending maternity leave, Tracy will be off our screens once again soon.

In a her baby shower interview with OK! magazine, Amy admitted she was hoping the new arrival would come a bit before the big day itself as her grandma was born on Christmas Day and “hated it”.

“I’d like the baby to come the week before Christmas as it will be so magical for all the kids. The thought of potentially being there with a baby in my arms is amazing,” Amy said.

The actress also revealed she was going on maternity leave “very soon” – and she is more than ready!

“I’m ready for it. It’s quite hard physically and mentally trying to get my head round everything and I’m tired.

“Also trying to hide the bump was getting so ridiculous!”

Emmerdale Nov 30 Tracy looks upset as she struggles to forgive Nate
Will Tracy leave with or without Nate? (Credit: ITV)

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How will Amy Walsh be written out of Emmerdale?

With Emmerdale filming quite far in advance, it’s likely Tracy will remain on our screens for a little while yet, even if she does have the baby before Christmas!

But how will she leave when she does depart?

Tracy and Nate are currently broken up after he spent the night at another woman’s house, despite nothing happening. Tracy couldn’t stand the lies and kicked him out.

The Dingles think they belong together, though, and are conspiring to reunite them.

With baby Frankie in common and all they’ve battled through with Tracy’s postnatal depression, the family think it would be silly to through what they have away.

However, Tracy feels betrayed and has questioned whether they even belong together at all.

When Frankie utters her first word and it’s ‘Dada’, it makes Tracy feel insecure over her parenting all over again. Could it be the final nail in the coffin for her and Nate?

Will Tracy leave alone?

Will Tracy leave him – and the Dales behind? Perhaps she’ll go to stay with her sister Vanessa, also currently out of the village while actress Michelle Hardwick takes her own maternity leave.

Or will it be much more dramatic than that? After spending time in a mother and baby unit earlier this year battling her PND, will Tracy end up relapsing and heading back for a longer stint?

Or could Tracy take Nate back and the pair of them leave together for a fresh start elsewhere?

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