Emmerdale spoilers Liv and Aaron

Emmerdale SPOILERS: Aaron abandons Liv

He’s reached the end of the line

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Next week’s Emmerdale spoilers show devastated Aaron ready to walk away from troubled sister Liv forever after her arrest for Ben’s murder.

Aaron is in a terrible state as he tries to process losing his beloved Ben and is finding it hard to cope.

The fact that Liv is under suspicion for the heinous crime makes matters 100 times worse.

So, Aaron starts to believe the only way forward is to leave Liv and Emmerdale behind.

Emmerdale spoilers: Aaron and Liv

Emmerdale spoilers Liv
Liv is facing life for Meena’s crime (Credit: ITV)

For months Aaron has been doing everything he can to protect Liv from herself.

But the fact that she was so drunk they couldn’t remember what happened between her and Ben is too much to handle.

As far as Aaron’s concerned, there’s a genuine chance that his sister killed the man he loved.

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So, he’s struggling as he tries to find the strength to go to court alongside the Dingles to support her.

Chas is desperately worried by her son’s detached state, and she tells brother Cain that she’s convinced Aaron will do a runner.

It looks like she could be right because when Aaron goes to visit Liv after the hearing, he has some tough news to break.

Time to say goodbye

Aaron leaves Lliv
Is this the last time Liv will see Aaron? (Credit: ITV)

As the broken brother and sister come face-to-face, emotions are running high.

Liv is distraught at what she’s done to Aaron, and he says that he’s convinced they bring each other down.

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Breaking down in tears, Aaron admits he doesn’t have the strength to support her anymore and needs to put some distance between them.

As devastated Liv begs him to reconsider, it’s clear that Aaron’s heart is breaking.

Will he summon the courage to leave, or will Liv persuade him to stay?

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