Emmerdale Noah and Chloe have heated words

Shocking Emmerdale fan theory that ‘creepy’ teen Noah will become ‘incel’ rapist

He's displaying very worrying behaviour

Emmerdale fans have expressed serious concern over Noah Dingle‘s creepy behaviour.

The teen has developed quite an obsession with Chloe Harris.

And although her actions haven’t been exactly whiter than white, the way he spoke to her last night (Thursday February 24) sparked serious concern.

Emmerdale Noah is angry as he confronts Jacob over sleeping with Chloe
Noah’s angry behaviour is seriously concerning (Credit: ITV)

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What did Noah say to Chloe in Emmerdale?

Noah has been chasing after Chloe ever since she came on the scene last year.

And although their relationship has never actually progressed beyond the innocent stage, he seems to believe they’re boyfriend and girlfriend and very serious about each other.

However, when she slept with Jacob Gallagher earlier this week, Noah was furious.

He took his anger out on Jacob by punching him and Chloe was far from happy about it.

Even as Chloe tried to sort things out, Noah launched a scathing attack on her.

“So you’re just going to dump me then? When you’re the dirty slapper who slept with my mate,” he yelled at her.

He quickly tried to apologise, and even turned up with flowers later on. But his apology descended into another argument and she dumped him.

“I love you Chloe, I forgive you, we can start again,” he said. “Please, please, Chloe.”

She told him: “Noah, don’t beg. Have some self-respect.”

That comment set him off on another nasty rant: “Me have self-respect? When you’re the one trying to sleep your way around the village?”

Chloe threw him out and he aggressively chucked the flowers at her: “I deserve better than the village bike,” he yelled. “You’re just one more lying, cheating…” and at that Chloe threatened to call the police.

Emmerdale will Noah and Chloe patch it up when she apologises?
Noah really laid into Chloe (Credit: ITV)

Fans concerned

Fans were not impressed by Noah’s behaviour with one calling it “extremely concerning” and another saying he has “domestic abuser written all over him”.

“By the time Noah is 21 he’s gonna be a rapist,” one feared.

“Noah’s a perverted freak,” added someone else.

A third said: “Rapey Noah,” with another saying: “Noah Dingle is an incel in the making.”

Others compared the teen to his dad, the late Chris Tate.

Chris became creepy and psychotic around women, just like Noah is shaping up to be.

Noah behaved worryingly with Gabby too (Credit: ITV)

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Noah’s past behaviour is worrying too

In fact, it’s not the first time Noah’s behaviour has been worrying.

Last year he was caught by Will Taylor going through Gabby’s underwear and sniffing it. He was also accused of raping a drunk Liv – although he was entirely innocent on that occasion.

Is all this leading to something more serious? Will Noah turn out to be a rapist or abuser – or a woman killer?

Next week’s Emmerdale spoilers show Dan and Kerry are also concerned as it’s clear Amelia has a crush on Noah.

They try to warn her off, but she’s left humiliated. Is she going to end up in danger?

Mum Charity witnessed Noah’s latest outburst, and has been a victim herself. Will she recognise the signs and help her son?

Or will she bury her head in the sand and let him get away with it?

If she doesn’t step in, Noah’s only going to get worse… How much further will he go?

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