Emmerdale David returns but where is Victoria

Emmerdale: David returns already – without Victoria – leaving fans confused

He's back, but where is she?

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Emmerdale viewers have been left totally baffled as David returned to screens less than 24 hours since he said he was leaving.

In scenes aired on Tuesday night (February 22) David and Victoria discussed heading to London.

However, by Thursday’s episodes (February 24) David was back and said he’d actually returned the night before!

But where was Victoria?

Emmerdale David is back working in the shop
David walked straight into Jacob’s drama (Credit: ITV)

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Why did David and Victoria leave Emmerdale?

After being shown footage of Meena trying to drown her, Victoria was understandably freaked out.

She was so upset and frightened at the thought she could have been killed and also terrified Meena might be released on bail and come back for her.

So David suggested they go to London until Meena was officially behind bars.

They left with their kids, Harry and Theo, but Jacob stayed behind. Not wanting to be alone, Jacob asked Chloe to spend the night with him.

Fans were confused as to why they were going away again only weeks after returning from a three-month holiday to Portugal.

One said: “David and Victoria have only just come back!”

“Victoria and David have left again???” another queried.

But their confusion was nothing compared to that of last night when David was happily working in the shop again.

Emmerdale David looks confused at Jacob's confession
David walked straight back into drama (Credit: ITV)

When did David return to Emmerdale?

“Hello, he rises at last,” David said to Jacob as he entered the shop.

“What time did you get back?” Jacob asked.

“About 10.30,” David said before making a fuss about Jacob not saying ‘welcome home’ and ‘how was London’.

Bit rich given he’d only been gone one night!

Jacob then revealed David had walked straight back into drama and confessed what had happened with Chloe.

As David tried to talk to Jake about the situation, the teen stormed out.

And that was the end of David’s return scene.

Fans were quick to hit social media to air their thoughts on his quick comeback.

One wrote: “why is David back again already?”

There was no mention, nor sight, of Victoria. Has she returned too?

Is she just upstairs with the kids, staying out of sight?

Given she was the intended target, and the one who was scared, could she have stayed away longer? After all, Meena is just on remand at the moment, she hasn’t actually been convicted of anything…

Emmerdale David worries by Victoria's bedside
David and Victoria were united before leaving (Credit: ITV)

Why were Isabel Hodgins and Matthew Wolfenden off-screen for so long?

David and Victoria went off screen last year, shortly after survival week aired on screen.

Reports suggested there had been an an alleged race row leading actor Aaron Anthony to quit the role of Ellis.

Aaron was said to have been annoyed about the reported behaviour of his two Emmerdale colleagues.

The Sun claims that the verbal altercation was over a comment made. It also alleged there was mimicking of a mixed-race co-star’s accent.

The co-star has not been identified.

The source said: “We have been told that Aaron brought this up with Matthew subsequently. There was a tense conversation between them. Matthew and Isabel stopped filming afterwards.

“Emotions have been running high on set ever since. But no one knows what to believe.

“The female cast member who was involved is filming as normal. But she wishes that she wasn’t entangled in it.”

According to the newspaper, Matthew, 41, and Isabel, 27, both categorically deny the allegations.

They are said to believe that there has been a misunderstanding.

Neither has publicly commented on the situation, however.

At the time a spokesperson for Emmerdale told ED!

“While we would never comment on individual cases, Emmerdale has robust policies in place to deal with any allegations brought to our attention and take the appropriate steps.”

Victoria and David returned last week (Credit: ITV)
Victoria and David wanted Jacob’s permission to move in together (Credit: ITV)

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Matthew and Isabel return to filming

The pair were written out of the soap following the incident but recently returned to screens.

In their Emmerdale comeback scenes David and Vic explained they had been stuck in Portugal as Theo had an ear infection. This meant he was unable to fly until it had cleared up.

On their return, the couple announced their intention to move in together and be a proper family.

But will Meena spoil their happy ever after?

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Want more spoilers from Emmerdale? Entertainment Daily has a dedicated Emmerdale spoilers section for you to get your fix before the latest episodes air.

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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