Who is Noah Dingle in Emmerdale? Who plays him and how old is actor Jack Downham?

How is he related to the other Dingles and how many siblings does he have?

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Noah Dingle in Emmerdale was born to his mum Charity Dingle, who was in prison at the time accused of murdering her former husband Chris Tate.

Baby Noah was born three months early, and had to have emergency surgery.

Charity wasn’t sure who Noah’s dad was at first.

It could have been her husband Chris Tate, or her cousins Cain Dingle or Marlon Dingle, as she’d slept with all three men at the right time.

Debbie, Charity’s daughter, was convinced her dad Cain was also Noah’s dad.

She named her brother Enoch – the son of Cain in the Bible – but Charity didn’t like the name and called him Noah instead.

noah dingle parents
Noah Dingle’s parents are Charity and Chris (Credit: ITV)

Who is Noah Dingle’s dad in Emmerdale?

While tiny Noah was still recovering from his surgery, Zak Dingle decided to carry out a DNA test to find out if the baby was his new grandson.

When the results came back, everyone was surprised to discover that Chris Tate – Charity’s late husband – was the daddy.

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Straightaway, Chris’s sister Zoe Tate bribed Charity to hand Noah over. She offered the desperate new mum £10,000 and the evidence she needed to get out of prison in exchange for custody of the tot.

Little Noah went to live with his aunt, who renamed him Christopher Francis Tate Jr, and banned Charity and Debbie from seeing him.

Zoe Tate sectioned Emmerdale
Zoe Tate wanted to adopt Noah but her mental health issues meant she wasn’t approved (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Zoe applied to adopt her nephew but she was turned down because of her mental health issues.

Social services approached Charity and asked if she would take her son back and – slightly reluctantly at first – Charity agreed.

Charity changed his name back to Noah and eventually, she and her little boy left Emmerdale to go and live in Spain.

What is Charity’s relationship with Noah like now?

Charity is not the best mum and her relationship with teenager Noah has been troubled since the start.

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Noah has had two stepdads, Jai Sharma and Declan Macey, and got involved in some of Charity’s most elaborate and dodgy schemes.

So it was no surprise when Noah began lashing out, bullying Jacob Gallagher because he felt his mum had abandoned him.

Things got even worse when Charity went to prison again and this time wouldn’t let Noah visit. As it turned out, she was secretly pregnant but Noah thought his mum didn’t want to see him.

Noah and Charity have had a troubled relationship (Credit: ITV)

Noah was living with Cain and Moira Dingle by now, though he moved into the Woolpack when his mum got out of jail.

Moira encouraged them to build some bridges and, after a shaky start, Charity promised Noah would be her priority from then on.

Who are Noah Dingle’s siblings?

When Joe Tate – Noah’s half-brother – arrived in the village, Noah was drawn to the suave, charming man.

He hero-worshipped Joe and though he struggled when he heard the truth about his dad’s death, Noah bonded with his big brother.

He even began bunking off school to hang out with Joe.

Noah hero-worshipped Joe Tate (Credit: ITV)

When Joe disappeared, Noah was very upset. Joe’s friend, Graham Foster, told him that Joe loved him very much, was proud of him, and gave Noah some cufflinks that belonged to his dad, Chris.

Meanwhile Noah had also met another half-brother, Ryan Stocks. Charity had given birth as a 14-year-old girl and thought her baby boy had died.

Because Charity was raped by Ryan’s dad, evil copper DI Bails, Noah struggled to get along with Ryan.

But the brothers eventually managed to warm to each other and they both supported their mum when she gave evidence against Bails in court.

How are Noah and Sarah Sugden related?

Noah is good friends with his niece, Debbie Dingle’s daughter Sarah.

But their relationship has been under strain since Sarah, rebelling against her long-term health problems, started dabbling with drugs.

Her bad decisions led to Noah taking an overdose back in December 2019. Noah was out in the woods all night and suffered a reaction that could lead to kidney damage.

Noah Dingle Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)
Noah took an overdose (Credit: ITV)

Charity blamed Graham for Noah’s drug overdose. But when Graham was murdered, an upset Noah eventually revealed that Sarah was the one who gave him the pills.

Did Noah join the army in Emmerdale?

When Charity fell apart after splitting from Vanessa Woodfield, Noah was left to fend for himself.

Resentful of his mum, he decided it was time for him to say goodbye to Emmerdale and join the army.

Can Charity and Noah rebuild their relationship? (Credit: ITV)

But Noah’s kidney problems came back to haunt him. And although he tried to con his way into the army, his plans are on hold for now.

What is Noah’s relationship with Chloe Harris?

Noah has become infatuated with Chloe Harris, the sister of Sarah’s heart donor.

But Chloe is a dangerous girl to know. Her dad is a very big nasty and has her kept virtual prisoner.

Despite mum Charity insisting Noah and Sarah keep away from Chloe, Noah plans to lose his virginity to her.

He sets up the barn for her and she’s touched by the effort he’s gone too. But later in the week, Chloe has had enough of her controlling father and Noah finds himself agreeing to run away with her.

Are Noah and Chloe destined to be together? (Credit: ITV)

Kerry is under threat to bring the pair back home. She soon catches up with them and returns them to the village, where Charity insists Chloe and Noah keep away from each other.

However, Noah isn’t a teen who listens to his mum very often, so will he really stay away? Or is he so smitten with Chloe he’ll set out to save her – whatever the cost to him or his family?

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Who plays Noah in Emmerdale?

Noah is played by Jack Downham, who has been in the soap since 2009.

Jack was born in Leeds on September 19, 2001, making him 20 years old. Noah is just 17 in the soap, meaning Jack is three years older than his counterpart.

The actor also starred in ITV drama Heartbeat and has even hit Hollywood as a young Robin Hood in The Russell Crowe version of the legend of Sherwood Forest, released in 2010.

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