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Emmerdale SPOILERS: Chloe’s identity revealed

Sarah met Chloe a few months ago

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Chloe‘s true identity is revealed.

A few weeks ago, Sarah got in touch with Chloe, the sister of her heart donor and the two began to form a friendship.

However Chloe wanted to keep their meetings a secret as her family didn’t like the idea of her meeting the girl who got Gemma’s heart.

Chloe has become friends with Noah and Sarah (Credit: ITV)

Fans began to come up with all sorts of theories about Chloe’s identity, including that she’s the daughter of Zoe Tate.

However it looks like the truth will come out very soon.

Emmerdale spoilers: Chloe’s identity revealed

In next week’s scenes Charity and Mack head off to rob Chloe’s house. When they arrive Mack is wowed by the opulence of her home.

Soon they begin clearing out a display case full of expensive watches. Afterwards they encounter a maid cleaning and Charity recognises her.

She’s taken aback to realise it’s Kerry Wyatt.

Charity and Mack encounter Kerry (Credit: ITV)

When Chloe comes home unexpectedly, Kerry covers for Charity and Mack.

As Charity asks to speak to Chloe’s mum or dad, Chloe is clearly awkward around the subject.

After Chloe leaves, Kerry warns Charity and Mack not to mention they have seen her and to keep away in the future.

Before they leave, she forces them to hand over the items that they stole.

However once the couple return to the village, Mack reveals he kept a watch.

Charity and Mack in danger?

Meanwhile Kerry warns Chloe her father won’t want her to keep contact with Noah and Sarah, leaving Chloe torn over what to do.

Kerry warns Chloe her father won’t want her to keep contact with Noah and Sarah (Credit: ITV)

Soon Kerry’s alarmed when she receives a message from Chloe’s dad saying one of his watches is missing.

Soon in the village a mysterious figure is watching from a parked car.

Who is watching Charity and Mackenzie. Have they invited trouble into their lives?

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