Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel and Daisy reunited by Lydia?

Are these two meant to be?

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Daniel and Daisy are thrown back into each other’s orbit – by Daniel’s new girlfriend, Lydia!

Lydia seemingly doesn’t know about Daniel and Daisy’s messy past, however she soon spots a spark between them.

Will she step aside to make way for them to get together at last?

Coronation Street Mon 24 Jan Daniel confesses what happened with Summer to Lydia
Daniel tells Lydia what happened with Summer and she’s not impressed (Credit: ITV)

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Coronation Street spoilers: Lydia unsure over Daniel

Lydia and Daniel have been getting on a treat, but she doesn’t seem to know much about his history.

When Lydia congratulates Amy on her protest, Amy comments that both she and Daniel have managed to overthrow school suspensions.

Lydia is unsure what Amy’s talking about so asks Daniel straight. He tells her the truth about what happened with Summer and Lydia is shocked.

Later in the Rovers she shares her concerns with Sarah that Daniel has a bit of a chequered past.

Coronation Street Mon 24 Jan Lydia voices her concerns about Daniel to Sarah in the Woolpack, but Daisy defends him
Making her feelings for Daniel very clear, Daisy defends him (Credit: ITV)

Daisy speaks up

Daisy overhears what they are talking about and immediately takes Lydia to task. She sings Daniel’s praises and leaps to his defence.

As Daisy insists Daniel is a lovely guy and Lydia is lucky to have him, it’s clear there’s still something there.

When Daniel hears from Sarah how Daisy was fully fighting his corner, he’s taken aback, unsure why she’d speak so highly of him when things ended so badly.

Daniel thanks Daisy for her kind words about him and she makes her move. She suggests they go for a drink some time, which leaves Daniel shocked.

Coronation Street Wed 26 Jan Daniel thanks Daisy and Lydia sees the spark
Lydia clocks the chemistry (Credit: ITV)

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Will Daniel and Daisy get back together?

Before he can answer, Lydia arrives and she has noticed the spark between them.

Will she step aside and let them get back together? Do they even want to be a couple?

Or is Lydia the type to fight for her man? Will she stake claim on Daniel and make sure Daisy is firmly out of the picture?

Just who is Daniel meant to be with?

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