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Summer Spellman in Coronation Street: Who is she? Does she have an eating disorder?

The studious sixth-former is aiming for a place at a top uni - but are her dreams about to shatter?

Summer Spellman in Coronation Street is the studious, sweet-natured adopted daughter of vicar Billy Mayhew and his wayward ex Todd Grimshaw.

But things have got pretty tricky of late for Summer as she developed a crush on her teacher Daniel Osbourne.

And in tonight’s episode of the soap (Tuesday, December 14)  it was confirmed she is developing an eating disorder.

The troubled teen also has a life-threatening condition if she doesn’t manage her food intake correctly, so it’s looking pretty scary for her right now. Is Summer going to die?

Summer’s been through a lot in her time on the Street (Credit: ITV)

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Who plays Summer Spellman in Coronation Street?

Summer Spellman in Coronation Street is played by actress Harriet Bibby. She took on the role in 2020 after starting her career with roles in Doctors and Brassic.

Summer spent a lot of time with Corrie killer Pat Phelan, who was married to her adoptive grandmother Eileen (Credit: ITV)

Harriet took over from Matilda Freeman, who’d played Summer since her arrival in the Street back in 2017.

Matilda decided to leave the role to pursue other opportunities.

She said: “After three and a half lovely years I felt it was time for a change and I’m excited to be starting that next chapter with a new role.”

How did Summer arrive in Weatherfield?

Summer had been adopted as a young child by a man named Drew Spellman, who was Billy’s ex-boyfriend.

When Drew found out he was dying, he asked Billy to adopt Summer but Billy said no and when Drew died she went to live with her strict grandparents.

Billy and Summer are devoted to one another (Credit: ITV)

But Billy hit it off with the youngster and changed his mind when he found out how her homophobic grandmother was treating the teenager.

With Todd’s support, Billy got guardianship of Summer.

Life with Billy and Todd

Summer’s been through a lot since she came to live with Billy. She helped the vicar through his painkiller addiction and when he turned to heroin.

She also supported him when Todd did a runner – initially taking Summer with him, though later he allowed Summer to ‘escape’ and return to Weatherfield.

Summer helped Nina remember what happened the night Seb died (Credit: ITV)

Billy’s also been by Summer’s side while she deals with the aftermath of Seb Franklin’s brutal murder at the hands of Corey Brent and Kelly Neelan.

What health condition does Summer have?

Earlier this year, Summer began struggling at school. She was being forgetful and not coping with her schoolwork, despite being a diligent student.

She was angry and lethargic and when she collapsed, Billy and Todd were terrified.

Summer almost died when she collapsed (Credit: ITV)

Summer was diagnosed with diabetes and though she initially rebelled against her health issues, she’s now coping well.

Who is Summer dating?

Summer got together with Aadi Alahan, but things didn’t work out after he accused her of copying her personal statement for uni. Summer ended things with him, but it was really all because she had feelings for someone else…

She had developed a crush on her teacher Daniel Osbourne. As he helped her work to achieve her dreams of attending Oxford, Summer was smitten.

Daniel was oblivious and dating Daisy Midgeley, but Summer convinced herself they were meant to be.

It all came crashing down when Max Turner fell for Summer and believing Daniel to be taking advantage of her, outed their ‘relationship’ at the school’s Ice Ball. He even punched Daniel!

Humiliated Summer was forced to confess her feelings, but insisted nothing had happened and Daniel had not behaved inappropriately. She was also mortified to find out Daniel had been sneaking around with Daisy.

Coronation Street Dec 13 Billy and Paul take Summer to the Bistro
Summer can’t handle the guilt after eating a burger (Credit: ITV)

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Does Summer Spellman have an eating disorder in Coronation Street?

Scenes aired tonight confirmed Summer is going down a dark path when it comes to food.

She has been obsessively comparing herself to Daisy and eyeing the Rovers’ barmaid’s social media snaps as something to work towards. Billy tried to reassure her Daisy’s pictures were airbrushed and that’s not reality, but Summer can’t see it.

When Billy and Paul took her to the Bistro for lunch, she was planning to have a salad, but after some encouragement from Billy, who assumed she was worried about her diabetes, she opted for the dirty burger instead.

She polished off the lot and looked pretty happy, until Paul commented how bad it was for them, and then the waiter remarked she must have been hungry. A crestfallen Summer’s face fell as she began to feel guilty with herself.

Back at home later, she went to the bathroom and made herself sick. When Billy came home she appeared from the bathroom acting completely fine and upbeat, without mentioning she had just vomited.

It looks like Summer’s on a dangerous slope to an eating disorder, which could massively affect her health. An eating disorder alone is life-threatening, let alone mixing that with her diabetes.

Will Billy realise what’s actually going on? Can anyone help Summer before it’s too late?

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