Coronation Street Emma shock romance

Coronation Street lines up controversial new romance for Emma?

She's not got the best track record with men

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Coronation Street aired scenes in which Emma Brooker met Ted’s grandson tonight and it was clear there was a spark.

Emma has been struggling with the guilt of being partly responsible for the death of Ted, an old man who she and Faye ran over at Christmas.

After making the decision to attend Ted’s funeral, Emma found herself comforting Ted’s grandson.

But would she really consider starting something with him given all he doesn’t know?

Coronation Street Emma and Faye are horrified when learner driver Faye knocks over old man Ted
Faye and Emma were responsible for Ted’s death (Credit: ITV)

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Did Emma kill Ted in Coronation Street?

Emma and Faye were driving home from a New Year’s Eve party and Faye knocked Ted down.

Although he got up and went home, when Emma and Faye later returned to check on him, they found he had died.

Because Emma had been drinking before supervising learner driver Faye, and they knew they’d get in serious trouble, the girls have hidden the truth about what happened.

Craig has been investigating the incident and revealed the police felt the crash had led to the blood clot which killed Ted.

Emma thought the funeral would help her (Credit: ITV)

How did Emma meet Ted’s grandson?

Despite Faye’s warnings, Emma felt it would help her to get some closure by going to the funeral tonight (Friday January 28).

She slipped in at the back of the church, but didn’t bank on being caught by Ted’s grandson.

He stopped her as she was leaving and asked who she was before adding: “If I have to make small talk I’d sooner do it with someone on their first set of hips.

“You must have been 30 years younger than anyone else in here!

“How did you know my gramps? I can’t imagine you met him at his carpet bowls night?”

“Or a Nicki Minaj gig,” Emma joked back.

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Emma claimed she had helped Ted when he dropped some shopping in the street and she went back to check on him the day after and they’d become friends.

Jon got a bit upset talking about Ted, feeling guilty that he didn’t see him as often as he should have done over Christmas as he was working double shifts in Frescho

However, Emma tried to reassure him that Ted was really proud of him. But Jon became emotional, so Emma sat with him in the church.

John confided that he and his family were angry about what had happened to Ted.

He also revealed Ted didn’t get the send-off he deserved as Ted had wanted to be cremated but they’d buried him in case the police needed to exhume the body.

As Emma realised things were getting too close to the bone, she said she had to leave.

“Maybe see you around sometime?” Jon asked hopefully, clearly keen to keep in touch with her.

Could Emma see him again and, worse, become romantically involved with him?

Faye has told boyfriend Craig everything (Credit: ITV)

Faye confesses

Meanwhile, back on the Street, Faye was confiding everything in Craig.

An e-fit released by the police looked a little like Emma and it caused Faye to crack.

Can Emma and Faye keep their crime a secret?

If Emma wants to it’s probably best she stays away from Jon. However with him working locally and keen to see her again, will she be able to?

Could the guilt make Emma confess everything? Is this latest romance doomed like all of Emma’s previous loves?

Emma and Curtis were the latest in a long line of doomed marriages on Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)
Emma and Curtis were the latest in a long line of doomed marriages on Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Emma’s last relationship in Coronation Street

Emma was due to marry Curtis Delamere just before Christmas.

But she found out he’d been lying about having a terminal heart condition.

Although she initially forgave him, she then thought he’s stolen charity money from her dad, Steve, and dumped him.

Emma tried to get Curtis back when she found out he was innocent.

However, when she bumped into him at the hospital weeks later she realised he was still lying about his heart condition. She knew she couldn’t help him or be with him and they parted ways.

But if Emma’s really ready to jump back into the love game again, we’re not sure Jon’s the best way to do it…

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