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Coronation Street fans slam Craig, Faye and Emma’s ‘pathetic’ storyline

Craig is determined to find the owner of the crutch

Coronation Street fans have slammed Craig, Faye and Emma‘s storyline calling it ‘pathetic.’

At the beginning of this year, Faye and Emma accidentally ran over an elderly man named Ted.

Ted refused to go to hospital and the girls didn’t want to report the accident as Emma had been drinking and Faye was a learner driver.

Coronation Street Emma and Faye are horrified when learner driver Faye knocks over old man Ted
Emma and Faye ran Ted over (Credit: ITV)

They later found Ted dead in his flat and instead of going to the police, they cleaned the flat and left him.

However Emma ended up anonymously calling police, pretending to Ted’s neighbour saying she hadn’t seen him for a while.

Faye’s boyfriend Craig, who is a police officer, was called to Ted’s flat and later revealed to Emma and Faye that he was called to a flat where an old man was found dead, unaware of their involvement.

Coronation Street fans slam Craig Tinker’s ‘pathetic’ storyline

Later Craig sprained his ankle and Tyrone gave him Ted’s crutch to use, as it had been in Emma’s car.

Emma lied she got it for a costume party.

Craig wants to find who owned the crutch originally (Credit: ITV)

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Craig noticed the initial on it and in last night’s episode (Wednesday, January 20) Craig was determined to find out who the crutch originally belonged to as he was bored at home being off work.

However fans have become fed up with the storyline calling it ‘pathetic.’





What’s next for Emma and Faye?

Later this week Craig is thrilled when he reveals the crutch belongs to Trafford Health Services. However Emma masks her panic.

Coronation Street Wed 26 Jan Emma and Faye think it's a good sign they've released Ted's body for a funeral
Faye tells Craig the truth but what will he say? (Credit: ITV)

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Next week, Craig reveals the police put together an e-fit of the girl the postman saw at the flat and remarks how it looks like Emma.

Faye soon crumbles and tells him the whole sorry story surrounding Ted’s death. How will Craig react?

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