Coronation Street first look week 5 comp

Coronation Street spoilers: First look at all-new pics for Jan 31-Feb 4

Max's life on the line after Daniel lashes out

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Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Daniel‘s anger puts Max’s life at risk.

As Daniel tries to profess his innocence, will anyone believe him?

Meanwhile, Audrey‘s drinking sparks concern and Tyrone has some difficult news for Fiz.

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

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1. David confesses to Max

After a comment from Daniel, Max quizzes David on his past.

David realises he will have to tell him the truth about being raped.

David’s furious with Daniel for forcing his hand, but how will Max take the revelation?

2. Max hurt as Daniel snaps?

Max steals the keys to Daniel’s flat and smashes the place up, but Daniel arrives home.

Daniel is furious when he sees Max has broken a clay imprint of Daniel, Sinead and Bertie’s hands.

Lashing out, Daniel shoves Max out of the door.

But Max trips and falls down the stairs.

Daniel calls an ambulance as he looks at Max’s lifeless body.

Is Max dead? Or will he be okay?

3. Daisy and Daniel back on?

Daisy calls at the flat to check on Daniel after what happened with Max.

But she admits she thinks he’s hiding something about what really happened.

The pair hurl insults at each other, but soon they’re kissing.

They leap apart as Lydia enters. Has she spotted them together?

4. Audrey’s drinking sparks concern

Audrey heads home from the shops and Shona comments on the sounds of clinking bottles in her bag.

Audrey later confides in Shona she feels like nobody trusts her with anything.

After encouragement from Shona, Rita puts her argument with Audrey behind them and Audrey does Rita’s hair.

But when Audrey finds out Shona set up the reconciliation she’s not happy.

Her irritation causes Rita to snap and she makes a comment about Audrey’s daytime drinking.

5. Nina’s mental health gets worse

Nina encourages Asha to visit Glasgow University, but is worried sick about her train journey there.

Nina ends up stealing Asha’s phone and refuses to let her girlfriend go to Glasgow, locking her in the cafe.

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6. Craig quits

Craig reveals they’re conducting another search of Ted’s flat and Faye is terrified.

Craig decides to leave the force and get a job in packing at the factory.

But when Beth finds out she’s fuming and confronts him.

Will he tell her what’s really going on?

7. Adam makes a not-so-smart move!

Adam tells Sarah he’s taking her to the bistro for her birthday.

He also reveals he has bought her a smart oven for her present.

Sarah is totally underwhelmed and storms off.

Will Adam make it up to her?

8. Sally and Elaine clash

Sally and Elaine fuss over Tim, and Elaine even presents him with a bell to ring when he needs anything.

Tim is in his element, but it’s clear Elaine is getting on Sally’s nerves.

9. Tyrone hits Fiz with the truth

Fiz is pleased when Hope’s therapist says her recent problems aren’t a concern.

However, Evelyn and Tyrone disagree.

Tyrone tells Fiz Hope’s problems run deeper than they thought and they need to get a proper diagnosis.

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