Coronation Street fans slam incompetent Weatherfield police

There is NO WAY they should have missed Geoff's camera footage

Coronation Street fans have pointed out Weatherfield police department’s bad work as they failed to find to the hidden camera footage on Geoff’s laptop.

Months ago, Geoff set up a hidden camera in order to spy on his wife Yasmeen. Last month, Geoff threatened to kill his wife, leading to her stabbing him in the neck in self defence.

The hidden camera captured what really happened the night Yasmeen stabbed Geoff (Credit: ITV)

As Geoff was taken to the hospital, Yasmeen was taken by police and a forensics searched the house for evidence.

But in tonight’s episode, Geoff finally got back into the house after the police stepped in and told Alya to give Geoff the keys to No.6.

As soon as Tim left, Geoff logged into his laptop and on the homepage, he had access to his hidden camera footage.

Knowing the camera would have captured what really happened with Yasmeen, he moved the footage to the trash.

However fans were quick to point out that the police should have searched the laptop and electronics after the incident for any evidence.

Coronation Street police

This isn’t the first time fans have been angry at Weatherfield police (Credit: ITV)

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This isn’t the first time viewers have been left frustrated with Weatherfield Police.

Last month, they were furious after cops searched Yasmeen’s house after the incident, but failed to find the camera.

What’s next for Geoff and Yasmeen?

This week, Sally and Tim learn that Geoff had been hiring escorts.

Realising the truth will come out in court, Geoff admits he did but lies about the reasons for doing so.

He claims the only reason for his actions was because Yasmeen wouldn’t have sex with him.

Geoff’s family learn about him hiring escorts (Credit: ITV)

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Sally is disgusted but Tim stands by his dad. He reckons it can only help Geoff’s case as it proves Yasmeen had a motive for trying to kill him.

Later, Alya learns Geoff gave her gran an STI and is horrified. She begs Yasmeen to expose her husband and tell the truth in court.

But will Yasmeen listen?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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