Piers Morgan hits out at son Spencer in Twitter spat over second lockdown

The pair disagreed over Boris Johnson's latest lockdown announcement

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Piers Morgan is embroiled in yet another spat Twitter spat with his eldest son Spencer over lockdown.

The Good Morning Britain host hit out at the 27-year-old after he took to social media to declare that no one wants the upcoming lockdown “apart from dad”.

It comes weeks after the father and son clashed over government restrictions online.

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Piers Morgan and his son Spencer have clashed on Twitter (Credit:

What did Piers Morgan and his son Spencer argue over?

The spat began soon after Spencer responded to a YouGov poll, which showed 72% of English people back the Prime Minister’s lockdown plans.

He wrote: “Haha. Such BS. Literally not met a person who wants it apart from dad.”

Spencer’s comment clearly didn’t go unnoticed by his famous dad, who was quick to voice his opinion.

Piers, 55, replied: “Nobody WANTS a lockdown. But most people, as this poll shows, believe one is now essential to control the virus & save lives.

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“You shouldn’t judge the popularity of your own view on what Twitter says… it’s invariably wrong about absolutely everything.”

Spencer then went on to suggest those taking part in the poll were “brainwashed”.

Replying to his dad, he added: “Most people polled are little englanders brainwashed and scared into still believing this is some sort of terrifyingly lethal virus.

“Polls should have a minimum IQ threshold.”

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Piers was left furious by Spencer’s comments (Credit:

Piers and Spencer’s opposing views

It certainly isn’t the first time Piers and Spencer have clashed over their views on the pandemic.

In October, the controversial presenter called out his son after he complained about new lockdown restrictions.

Spencer initially wrote: “Today we bid farewell to pretty much every aspect of life that makes it worth living.

“A decision to prolong the pain and suffering being caused by this 99.5% survival rate, above life expectancy mortality rate virus for many many years. Enjoy the ‘new normal’, cos I won’t.”

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Spencer is Piers’ eldest son (Credit:

However, Piers told him to “get a grip”.

He said: “Your great-grandmother spent 5 years of her 20s enduring World War 2.

“Then enjoyed another 70 more years of fun-packed life afterwards. You’ve done 5 months of mild inconvenience by comparison…. get a grip.”

The pair also went head to head after Spencer claimed that the average age of a coronavirus victim is higher than the average age of death.

Piers reveals his parents are battling coronavirus

Earlier today, Piers told GMB viewers that both of his elderly parents are battling COVID-19.

He warned fans that it only takes one person in a support bubble to come into contact with the virus.

The star explained: “I would just like to say something to my parents who are both battling COVID and have been for two weeks.

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“It’s a scary thing for a family when your elderly parents, my parents are both in their late 70s and got it two weeks ago from someone in a family bubble but someone who had to go out and was very sensible but got the virus.

“But then bang, it was like dominoes – boom, boom, boom. They had one lunch together and within three days both my mum and dad had COVID-19.

“It’s been a long two weeks for our family. It’s long for us because we can’t get in there, but incredibly long for my parents or for anyone that goes through this.”

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