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Piers Morgan issues stark warning as both his parents are struck down with coronavirus

The GMB star warned viewers of the 'domino effect' of the deadly virus

Piers Morgan has delivered a serious warning regarding the severity of coronavirus.

The Good Morning Britain host, 55, revealed on Monday’s episode that both of his parents are battling COVID-19.

And this comes in despite of his elderly parents both taking the proper precautions.

He warned viewers that it only takes one person in a support bubble to come into contact with the virus.

piers morgan with susanna reid
Piers Morgan says he has been very scared for his parents (Credit: ITV)

What has Piers Morgan said about coronavirus?

And then like a ‘domino effect’ the entire bubble can be struck down with COVID-19.

Speaking on Monday’s GMB, Piers explained: “I would just like to say something to my parents who are both battling COVID and have been for two weeks.

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“It’s a scary thing for a family when your elderly parents, my parents are both in their late 70s and got it two weeks ago from someone in a family bubble but someone who had to go out and was very sensible but got the virus.

“But then bang, it was like dominoes – boom, boom, boom. They had one lunch together and within three days both my mum and dad had COVID-19.

piers morgan and susanna reid
Piers thanked Dr Hilary for his support (Credit: ITV)

Why is Dr Hilary predicting a national lockdown extension?

“It’s been a long two weeks for our family. It’s long for us because we can’t get in there, but incredibly long for my parents or for anyone that goes through this.”

He described it as a “brutal assault” on his poor parents’ bodies.

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Then he thanked resident GMB doctor Dr Hilary Jones for providing support throughout his parents’ ordeal.

Before adding: “Morning to my parents – keep battling, you’ve done great so far.”

Meanwhile, Dr Hilary said it is “inevitable” that the second national lockdown shall extend 2 December.

dr hilary on good morning britain
Dr Hilary predicts an extension to national lockdown (Credit: ITV)

He predicted: “It’s likely, I think, to be extended.

“Nobody can promise when it will end, because we just don’t know how the virus is going to behave and how the population is going to behave and if people will abide by the restrictions that are being imposed.”

As of now, over one million Brits have tested positive for coronavirus.

And there have been a recorded 46,717 COVID-19 related dates so far.

Lockdown shall begin from Thursday 5 November.

Only essential shops shall remain open.

However, click and collect shall still be allowed.

And schools and universities will stay open throughout the United Kingdom.

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