SPOILER: Casualty favourite facing prison after shock arrest

Actor Michael Stevenson spills the beans on the upcoming storyline...

Casualty has been throwing regular plot grenades at viewers for a while now, and this weekend is no exception.

Just recently, we’ve had Duffy’s secret one-night-stand and her devastating dementia diagnosis, and Alicia’s rape and shock decision to leave the A&E department and true love Ethan Hardy behind.

Iain is being tormented by the past (Credit: BBC)

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But all eyes have been on paramedic Iain Dean, who is still struggling in the aftermath of the horrifying accident that killed his partner Sam Nicholls and the suicide of patient Mia last summer.

Suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Iain’s fragile mental health has been manifesting itself in disturbing, self-destructive behaviour.

On a waiting list for counselling, he’s turned to booze to help numb the trauma, but that ended badly when he drunkenly kissed junior paramedic Ruby Sparks and was so mortified afterwards he called in sick and stayed at home feeling depressed.

Iain was left bloodied after a bar brawl in Casualty (Credit: BBC)

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He also initiated a fight and got pummelled in a pub brawl…

When he’s not getting drunk and on a death wish, he’s immersing himself in his work.

However, this Saturday (2 February), boss Jan Jenning unintentionally piles on more pressure by revealing Iain’s not meeting his work targets.

Later, when troubled teenager Katy reaches out to Iain, he can’t help intervening in her complicated family life. However, his advice is misinterpreted and anguished Katy heads to the hospital roof… Can Iain convince distressed Katy to step away from the edge?

Iain Dean Casualty
Iain is in it up to his neck (Credit: BBC)

But that’s not even the worst of it…

Last week, Iain was held hostage at gunpoint, stopped a siege, tried to save the life of his drug addict friend Base, and knocked drug dealer Ross unconscious.

This week, the medical drama picks up immediately from these events, when Jan’s secret is finally revealed… Her son is Ross and she presses charges against Iain for assault!

Talking to What’s On TV, actor Michael Stevenson explains: “Being arrested is another dramatic twist in the downfall of Iain. It takes him by surprise. He’s not able to comprehend everything that’s happening. It’s coming at him right, left and centre!”

Iain in jail in Casualty
Could this twist of fate ruin Iain or force him to get the help he needs? (Credit: BBC)

Viewers will see Ross wake up in resus and blame Iain for everything – accusing Iain of harassing Base since Mia died.

Although Iain protests that Ross is responsible for Base’s death, it’s clear that he’s fighting a losing battle when no-one believes him.

And when Jan reports Iain to the police, it looks like his fate is sealed when he’s arrested on suspicion of assault and taken down to the station for questioning.

Will he be able to prove his innocence?

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