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Casualty SPOILER: Ethan devastated as Alicia leaves for good

There's heartbreak ahead...

Ethan Hardy fans should probably look away now, as the Casualty favourite is about to have his heart broken…

On Saturday (19 January), the love of Ethan’s life walks away from him for good. And he won’t be the only one with ‘something in his eye’…

Alicia leaves Casualty - and Ethan - for good (Credit: BBC)
Alicia leaves Casualty – and Ethan – for good (Credit: BBC)

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Fans will undoubtedly be left in tears when Alicia Munroe walks away from Casualty forever – and leaves her on-off love interest Ethan in bits.

When an exciting new job opportunity comes up, it’s a tempting offer. While she DOES have strong feelings for Ethan, her career is super important to her, too.

She’s had a tough year in Casualty, after being raped by her colleague Eddie McAllister and struggling in the aftermath of the attack.

Chelsea Halfpenny as Alicia Munroe in Casualty
Chelsea Halfpenny as Alicia Munroe in Casualty (Credit: BBC)

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Viewers know that Alicia and Ethan have had an on/off relationship ever since Alicia arrived in the ED in 2015, but their romance finally seems to be cementing into something beautiful.

This week, Ethan decides to propose to the woman he loves, excited to prove his commitment to her after so much wasted time.

However, unbeknownst to him, Alicia has received a letter from the City of Manchester Hospital offering her a prestigious paediatric fellowship.

But will she take the job and leave Ethan behind?

We. Can’t. Actually. Look. (Credit: BBC)

Basically, yes! While Alicia is put in a dilemma by Ethan’s proposal, she ultimately knows she has to chase her career dreams…

Finalising her decision to say goodbye for good, she prepares to leave her old job, friends and – most importantly perhaps – Ethan.

After some very difficult goodbyes, Ethan is devastated as Alicia leaves for good.

Meanwhile, Marty’s web of lies are blown apart, and Connie returns to her rightful place at the helm of Holby ED.

No more of this… (Credit: BBC)

Prior to her role as Alicia, actress Chelsea Halfpenny was known for her portrayal of Amy Wyatt in Emmerdale.

Teenager Amy famously gave birth to Cain Dingle’s baby Kyle outside in the village.

She was last seen making a run for it after kidnapping Kyle, but she eventually agreed to give him to Cain before going on the run.

Chelsea announced she was leaving Casualty last year, revealing: “The minute I get itchy feet I know it’s time. I would hate to exhaust a job or feel like it’s getting mundane.”

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