Piers leaving GMB?

GMB viewers divided as Piers Morgan announces he may leave next year

The presenter has caused a stir once again

GMB viewers have been left divided after Piers Morgan announced he may leave the ITV show next year.

The controversial presenter is hosting his last week before heading off on his summer break.

But after co-star Susanna Reid joked contract negotiations are still “underway” for 2021, Piers revealed he could “possibly” quit the show altogether.

Piers Morgan announced he may not return to GMB next year (Credit: ITV)

Is Piers Morgan leaving GMB?

The 55-year-old said: “We have two more days left, then you’ll all be glad to see the back of us. Not forever, we’ll be back in September.”

Susanna replied: “For now! Whenever you say we’re off and we’re leaving…”

Piers exclaimed: “Morgan quits! Good riddance!”

The star then read out a letter from a viewer, who had done two paintings of the hosts.

The host made the comment on the ITV show today (Credit: ITV)

Part of the letter read: “I thought I heard you state you were leaving at the end of the year.”

Piers then said: “I’m not actually. End of next year… possibly.”

What did GMB viewers say about Piers Morgan’s news?

His announcement was met with mixed responses from viewers.

Clearly delighted by the news, one said: “Well I wish he would leave and not come back. He wouldn’t be missed as far as I’m concerned.”

Some viewers were left divided over the news (Credit: ITV)

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Another exclaimed: “OMG this is the BEST News ever I hope it’s definite not possibly I wouldn’t miss him one little bit over the summer or otherwise.”

A third wrote: “Please god they both leave and don’t come back. Let the others take over so we can have some sensible news and be able to hear what guests are saying.”

Others insisted Piers’ no-nonsense attitude would be sorely missed.

A fan commented: “Always enjoy Piers, look forward to the show when he’s on as he says and asks what lots of us want answers to!”

The controversial presenter has raked 4,000 Ofcom complaints this year (Credit: Splash)

A second agreed: “Yes I will miss him I have never cared for him before but was watching him just after lock down & he asked questions people want to hear I now watch him every morning he’s on.”

Another added: “Will def miss Piers he makes the program more vibrant and interesting.”

Will Piers Morgan really quit GMB?

While it’s not yet known if the host will leave the show, he did recently confirm he is set to be on GMB for another year.

In a chat with The Sun’s TV Mag, Piers explained: “I’ve just signed a new contract up for GMB until the end of next year. I love working with Susanna and the team – we’re a Yin Yang that works.”

Piers previously revealed he would quit when his two-year contract ends (Credit: Splash)

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He also insisted he doesn’t care what his critics think of his presenting style.

He said: “If my style upsets people, don’t watch! Watch something else. Nobody’s forcing anyone to watch it. You’ve got a remote control in your hand, I really don’t understand what the problem is.

“I don’t care. I only care about Ofcom complaints if I genuinely feel that I have been at fault, then you know you’re a fool.”

Late last year, Piers vowed he would quit when his two-year contract comes to an end.

The TV duo are set to take their summer break from GMB (Credit: Splash)

Speaking on the show, he said: “I’ve got two more years.

“Two more years of stories… anyway that’s it, two more years and then I’ll sail off into the sunset.”

He later suggested: “And I guarantee then I’ll be out.”

It’s been a eventful few months for Piers, who has been the subject of 4,000 Ofcom complaints so far this year.

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