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GMB viewers slam Gary Barlow for NHS song after tax avoidance scandal

Gary Barlow appeared on Good Morning Britain to promote his new song This Calls for Love

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GMB viewers were left unimpressed as Gary Barlow graced the screen on Tuesday morning.

The Take That star, 49, promoted his new song created during lockdown.

During his Good Morning Britain interview with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, he talked of his new song and praised the NHS.

This Calls for Love is recorded from Gary’s home during quarantine.

The music video includes clips highlighting carers and family members during the coronavirus pandemic.

gary barlow
Gary Barlow spoke of his new song on GMB (Credit: ITV)

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However, many viewers were left disgruntled by Gary’s efforts.

Dozens took to Twitter to accuse Gary of being hypocritical.

The famous pop star was infamously outed as having taken part in a tax avoidance scheme back in 2014.

Gary Barlow’s song praising the NHS

One Twitter user tweeted: “Bit of a farce Gary Barlow on GMB promoting his new music video praising the NHS. Gary tax avoids and has previously donated to the Tories. What a load of crap!”

Another user mocked: “‘What can I do to help?'”

“Paying your taxes would be a good start Gary Barlow.”

susanna reid gary barlow
Piers and Susanna appeared delighted to be chatting with Gary (Credit: ITV)

A third user shared: “Just when you thought lockdown couldn’t get any worse, insufferable whiny voiced tax avoider Gary Barlow releases a song about it #GMB.”

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And a fourth user quipped: “The collaboration I’d really like? Gary Barlow and the HMRC.”

A further user argued: “Gary Barlow is a tax dodging, Conservative financier.

Gary Barlow on “one of the most stupid things I’ve done”

“By avoiding his tax obligations he took money from the NHS for years and has financially propped up the most anti NHS political party. Now he wants public money, and praise, for his NHS song… clap away.”

Gary admitted to taking part in the scheme in 2014 and went on to admit it was  “one of the most stupid things I’ve done”.

He, as well as fellow band members Mark Owen, Howard Donald, and their manager Jonathan Wild, invested an estimated £66 million in a scheme fronted as a music industry investment scheme.

The scheme was called “Icebreaker Management” and resulted in all four being ordered to repay around £20 million back to HM Revenue and Customs.

In April 2105, reps confirmed the money had been paid in full.

The statement read:”I can confirm that Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald have now received confirmation from HMRC that their tax affairs are fully up to date.

“I can also confirm that the guys have not appealed the Icebreaker decision and are not part of the ongoing appeal process.”

Take That movie news!

Elsewhere on Gary’s GMB appearance he delighted many fans by confirming that Take That’s first movie Better Days! will be released in 2021.

He said: “We’ve got a film coming out next year featuring all our music. I think they start filming in January.”

Gary Barlow
Gary in his new music video (Credit: Gary Barlow Official YouTube)

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