Alexander Lincoln Emmerdale Jamie Tate Credits: ITV

Emmerdale star Alexander Lincoln scared he’d be told off over haircut on first day back at work

He got a slap on the wrists

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Emmerdale star Alexander Lincoln appeared on Lorraine today to talk about the latest developments in the Jamie Tate storyline.

But he admitted he was fearful he’d be given a ‘slap on the wrists’ on his first day back at work over his new haircut.

Alexander Lincoln Emmerdale Jamie Tate Lorraine Credits: ITV
Lorraine interviewed Alexander Lincoln (Credit: ITV)

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During lockdown Emmerdale star Alexander took advantage of not being at work and having to think about continuity, so shaved his head.

He shared the pictures of his new hair do on Instagram. He also grew a big moustache.

But while the tache was easily sorted out, hair growing back takes a bit longer!

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Here’s to your flat mate giving you a quick buzz on the clippers and making you look like you got mange 🙃🙏😷

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While Lorraine was chatting to him about all the changes now Emmerdale and the other soaps have returned to work, she said: “Now look, your hair’s grown back because you had it all shaved off didn’t you?”

“I did,” Alexander admitted. “Me and my housemate thought it was the end of the world and with that we wanted to get our Mad Max look on so shaved our heads and I grew a little goatee.

“But thankfully it all grew back. I was a little bit scared I was going to get a slap on the wrists!”

Lorraine quipped: “Thankfully, you’re such a virile young man it all came back!”

“Well I don’t know, it’s starting to thin at the front,” Alexander joked before Lorraine assured him: “It looks great!”

Alexander Lincoln’s tan on Emmerdale

Jamie’s tan got viewers talking during new Emmerdale scenes (Credit: ITV)

Although his hair didn’t cause trouble, his tan was noticed by viewers when the soap’s first post-lockdown scenes were aired.

Jamie was seen in one scene looking somewhat pasty after the British winter, but Alexander’s sunbathing while he wasn’t at work meant the next scene saw him looking incredibly brown!

Fans soon picked up on it and joked: “Jamie got a nice tan considering it’s supposed to be March!”

What is happening with Jamie Tate in Emmerdale?

Alexander Lincoln Emmerdale Jamie Tate Lorraine Credits: ITV
Even Alexander gets frustrated with Jamie in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

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Jamie is stuck in a love triangle with wife Andrea and Belle Dingle. He wants to be with Belle, but things have taken a turn. Jamie knocked Moira down in a hit and run and Andrea covered his tracks, leaving him indebted to her.

In fact, Andrea is using her knowledge to force Jamie to stay with her even though he was planning to leave her for Belle.

Alexander revealed he gets ‘frustrated’ with his character sometimes!

“I’ve been very fortunate with Jamie in that I’ve got to show so many different aspects to him and so many different dimensions. But he is frustrating!

“He’s just going along with the flow. He doesn’t really take action that well and he is manipulated and it can be quite frustrating.”

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