Emmerdale Meena caught by Harriet

Emmerdale spoilers: Meena caught by Harriet?

Super-cop Harriet might be about to catch her first killer

Emmerdale spoilers reveal super-cop Harriet Finch could be about to catch murderer Meena Jutla.

Harriet has recently left the church, performing her last service on Christmas Day, and rejoined the police force.

But she’s barely even been accepted back before she’s taking it upon herself to join forces with PC Swirling and investigate missing Manpreet.

Can Manpreet escape Meena or is her time up? (Credit: ITV)

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Emmerdale spoilers: Where is Manpreet?

Meena has been keeping her sister captive and drugged with sleeping pills. She is now preparing to kill Manpreet to keep her murderous secrets.

After revealing Manpreet only has seven days to live, Meena orders her to write a suicide note.

But things take a turn when Aiesha calls. Manpreet’s daughter has been alerted by Rishi that something fishy is going on.

Rishi sensed something wasn’t right with Manpreet after she disappeared following the Woolpack explosion. He’d called Aiesha to ask about her mum and then called the police.

Meena panics as Aiesha and Rishi repeatedly call and although she ignores the phone, she knows she has to do something.

Manpreet realises all is not lost and refuses to drink the water with her drugs in.

Meena instead issues it with a plastic syringe, but Manpreet is hopeful her daughter and he ex won’t give up.

Harriet is on the case (Credit: ITV)

Harriet on the case

It’s not long before PC Swirling and Harriet are investigated too.

With Harriet on the case, how much longer can Meena keep Manpreet hidden and evade justice?

Meena knows she has to move things along and as soon as night falls, she drags a body-shaped bag into her car.

The next day she puts Manpreet’s earrings into her trophy box and it looks like Manpreet could be dead…

Meena soon lines up more victims too – she notices Leanna’s ring is missing and knows Noah must have it.

Is Vinny going to die too? (Credit: ITV)

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Who is Meena’s next victim?

But as she stalks Noah she sees him give the ring to Samson – meaning the young Dingle is now on her hit list. Will she turn child killer?

Meena also discovers Vinny‘s murder board and sees he’s written that he needs to talk to Meena.

Vinny is sure Meena knows more than she’s letting on and determined to put a stop to his digging, Meena leads him into a trap.

Getting him to follow her down a narrow country lane, Vinny ends up in her lair – but will she kill him too?

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