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EastEnders: 12 times Phil Mitchell has cheated death – will this fire finally defeat him?

Phil has narrowly avoided death more than once

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In tonight’s episode of EastEnders (Monday, September 13) Phil Mitchell stares death in the face when he is finds himself in the house with a fire.

This isn’t the first time Phil has had a near-death experience. By a long stretch!

Here are 12 times, Phil Mitchell has narrowly escaped death. Will he be so lucky tonight?

EastEnders: Phil Mitchell near death experiences

1. Sharongate (1994)

Phil has avoided death more than once (Credit: BBC)

Back in 1994, Phil’s brother Grant found out that his wife Sharon was having an affair with Phil.

A conversation was recorded which showed Sharon talking about the affair.

Grant heard the recording and played it at Phil and Kathy’s engagement party.

Later Grant turned violent and attacked his brother, causing him to have a blood clot on the brain.

However Phil survived.

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2. Thames crash (1999)

Just five years later, Grant ended up sleeping with Phil’s wife Kathy (yes, they did get married).

Phil threatened his brother with a gun as they fled an armed robbery.

He shot Grant as he drove and they went into the River Thames.

Both brothers survived, however Phil did spend some time in a coma.

3. Who shot Phil? (2001)

In 2001, Phil was shot in one of the soap’s biggest ‘whodunit’ storylines.

Of course he survived and it was revealed his shooter turned out to be his ex-girlfriend Lisa, the mother of his daughter Louise.

4. The car crash (2007)

Phil went on a camping trip with Ian and their sons Ben and Peter.

As an argument kicked off on the way home, Phil failed to spot a fallen tree in the road and lost control of the car and ended up in a lake.

Phil and Ian survived. Phil managed to rescue Ben and Peter.

5. The Queen Vic fire (2010)

Phil set fire to The Vic and nearly died, but was saved (Credit: BBC)

While addicted to crack cocaine, Phil was locked in the pub by his mum Peggy, who tried to get him to quit cold Turkey.

He escaped, began drinking again and set the pub on fire.

As everyone else escaped, Phil helped himself to cash. However a wooden beam fell on him.

But guess what? He was saved.

6. EastEnders: Phil Mitchell’s heart attack (2011)

Ian Beale discovered Phil in the club as he was having a heart attack and sat by watching him suffer.

When Glenda Mitchell called paramedics Ian even hid Phil to prevent him getting help.

However when Ben, Ian’s half-brother, asked where his dad was, he decided to get him medical attention.

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7. Another Car crash (2013)

In 2013, Phil was involved in yet another car crash.

Carl White cut the breaks on his own car. But as Phil drove, Carl unfastened Phil’s seatbelt from the passenger seat and Phil was thrown through the windscreen.

The same year he received a punch by Jack Branning and Jack feared he killed him.

However as we know, Phil has more than nine lives.

8. Phil shot by Shirley (2014)

The next year, Phil was shot once again by Shirley Carter.

9. Liver damage (2016)

EastEnders bad boy Phil Mitchell cheated death when was given a liver transplant (Credit: BBC)

After a battle with alcohol addiction, it turned out Phil had severe liver damage.

It took a year for him to get a new liver.

However after a series of obstacles, Phil was given a transplant towards the end of 2016.

10. Gas explosion (2017)

In 2017, a gas main exploded and Phil was sent flying, landing on a pile of bin bags.

Of course, he survived the explosion. However that wasn’t his last near-death experience.

11. Hit by a brick (2019)

In 2019, his daughter Louise was kidnapped by Phil’s newest enemy.

She was tied up and help in a shipping container.

Ben had secretly been working with the gangsters who were out to get Phil, and his son hit him over the head with a brick.

12. Attacked by Stacey Slater (2019)

Phil Mitchell was hit by Stacey in EastEnders, but he evaded death (Credit: BBC)

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The same year, Phil was hit over the head by Stacey Fowler.

Phil was getting into an argument with Stacey’s cousin Kat (who is now in a relationship with Phil) and Stacey’s then-husband Martin.

But Phil, of course, survived and Stacey fled Walford.

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