Coronation Street SPOILER: Gary to expose Sarah for Callum’s killing?

She told her ex about Kylie killing the psychopath

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The net is starting to close in on Gary Windass, but it looks like he may have a plan for revenge on ex girlfriend Sarah Platt.

The Corrie builder has been struggling to hide the secret that he is the one responsible for the Underworld Factory roof collapse, which led to the death of Rana Habeeb.

But it’s not just Rana’s death that Gary is responsible for…

Coronation Street slammed for factory collapse blunders
Gary was responsible for the factory roof collapse that killed Rana Habeeb (Credit: ITV)

A couple of weeks ago Gary ended up killing loan shark Rick Neelan in self defence.

The police started to wonder where Rick went and Gary began telling people he was on the run from the police abroad.

But next week Gary’s lies start to catch up with him.

Coronation Street Gary kills Rick
Gary killed Rick (Credit: ITV)

Gary comes face-to-face with Rick’s teenage daughter Kelly at the loan shark’s office and is rattled when she starts asking questions about her dad once again.

Gary decides to play dumb just like he did the last time the pair met but Kelly is suspicious and, as he returns home to the cobbles, she follows him.

Kelly approaches Gary again and he realises she won’t leave him alone till she gets some answers.

He reveals to the schoolgirl that her dad was a loan shark, but takes his lies a step further saying Rick was busted by the police and went on the run, leaving the teenager heartbroken.

Kelly wants answers (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile Nick spots himself in one of Beth’s photos taken on the morning of the factory collapse. He takes it to the police claiming it proves he was nowhere near the factory when the roof collapsed, but they are unconvinced.

When Sarah goes for dinner at No.1 and tells Adam about Nick’s alibi, she is later shocked when Carla reveals Sarah’s mobile wasn’t among the stolen phones she returned and dreamed Gary visited her and went through her handbag.

Sarah reports Gary (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Rick’s former sidekick Sharon demands to know where Rick is, and the police have also got some questions for the builder after Sarah Platt reports him to the police.

Gary is devastated when he discovers his ex reported him to the authorities after he was evasive about the deleted voicemail on her phone and does his best to remain calm as the police quiz him about the factory roof collapse.

He is later given another kick when he sees Sarah and Adam together and realises how downhill things have gone.

Sharon later reveals that Kelly has reported her dad missing and Gary realises that the net is closing in on him.

Sharon returns (Credit; ITV)

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Burdened with his guilt of killing two people, Gary goes to the solicitors office and tells his version of the half-truth.

Gary confesses to Imran that he is responsible for Rana’s death, but just happens to leave the factory roof sabotage and the fact he has also murdered Rick out of his confession.

Gary confesses (Credit: ITV)

Speaking to Metro, Mikey North, who plays Gary, explained his character having nothing to lose makes him dangerous.

He said: “I still maintain that Sarah is the reason why he went out and did a lot of stuff fin the first place.

“He really did love her and never meant to drag her into this, so when he sees that she’;s the one that shopped him in, I think that’s a further nail in the coffin as to why Gary’s gone to the dark side.

“Now he’s lost her as well he’s got nothing to lose and that makes him quite dangerous.”

Mikey also reckons his alter-ego could get revenge by threatening to expose Sarah’s involvement in the killing of her ex, drug-dealer Callum.

Callum was killed by Kylie Platt after he attacked Sarah (Credit: YouTube/Coronation Street)

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Mikey told Metro: “I always thought that was the way they were going to go with it. I thought that was how he was going to get out of it for now. But they are going to need each other at some point…”

Callum was killed by Kylie Platt after he attacked Sarah. After his body was discovered under the Platts’ annex, they allowed Jason’s deceased father Tony to be blamed.

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