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Thursday 12th December 2019

Coronation Street SPOILER: Gary confesses!

The net is closing in on the new cobbles killer...

The net is closing in on Coronation Street's Gary Windass as the police take him in for questioning... and it's not long before the new cobbles killer confesses!

Weatherfield builder Gary has been fighting to keep it under wraps that he is the one who caused the Underworld factory roof collapse, leading to him inadvertently having Rana Habeeb's blood on his hands.

After tampering with the factory roof, Gary has got Rana's blood on his hands (Credit: ITV)

But it's not just Rana's death on Gary's conscience... ever since he killed evil loan shark Rick Neelan in self defence, the corrupt builder has been hiding his killer secret from everyone on Coronation Street. But next week it seems his lies start to catch up with him.

As Gary comes face-to-face with Rick's teenage daughter Kelly at the loan shark's office, he's rattled when she starts asking questions about her dad once again.

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But despite the fact Gary plays dumb just like he did the last time the pair met, Kelly isn't so easily placated and as he returns home to the cobbles, little does he realise she is following him.

Kelly follows Gary to Coronation Street next week (Credit: ITV)

It's not long before Kelly is back in Gary's face, and realising that Rick's daughter isn't going to leave him alone until she gets some answers, he tells her some harsh home truths about her dad.

Gary reveals that Rick was a loan shark, but he takes his bluff a step further by telling Kelly that her dad was busted by the police and that he has gone on the run, leaving the teen heartbroken.

Kelly wants answers about her dad, Rick (Credit: ITV)

But soon it seems Kelly is the least of Gary's problems. Not only is Rick's former sidekick Sharon back on the scene demanding to know where Rick is, but the police have also got some questions for the builder after Sarah Platt reports him to the police.

Gary is devastated when he discovers his ex shopped him to the authorities after he was evasive about the deleted voicemail on her phone, and he does his best to remain calm as the police quiz him about the factory roof collapse.

Sarah realises that Gary has been hiding something (Credit: ITV)

Gary is a broken man when he gets back to the cobbles and sees Sarah with Adam, and starts to realise just how much his life has turned on its head over the last few weeks. But when Sharon later reveals that Kelly has reported her dad missing, Gary realises that the net is closing in on him.

As Kelly approaches Faye and asks her about Gary, he realises that he needs to come up with a backup story, and soon the builder is confessing to his crimes... well, some of them anyway!

Gary is taken in for questioning by the police (Credit: ITV)

Burdened with his guilt of killing two people, Gary goes to the solicitors office and tells his half version of the truth.

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Gary confesses to Imran that he is responsible for Rana's death, but just happens to leave the factory roof sabotage and the fact he has also murdered Rick out of his confession.

Gary confesses a version of the truth to Imran (Credit: ITV)

But how will Imran react when Gary admits his role in Rana's death? And will the police believe his half truths?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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