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Coronation Street narrows down roof factory suspects to Gary, Nick and Robert

Which one of them did it?

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It’s been exactly one month since Rana Habeeb died in the Coronation Street factory roof collapse and the list of suspects has been cut from six to three.

With investigations ongoing, viewers are finally set to discover who was responsible for her death when they sabotaged the already unstable roof, in next week’s episodes.

The soap initially released a list of six suspects: Seb Franklin, Gary Windass, Carla Connor, Peter Barlow, Nick Tilsley, and Robert Preston.

But ITV has now confirmed we are down to just three possible suspects with posts to their website and social media accounts.

So it’s definitely either Gary, Nick or Robert who is walking around carrying the awful secret that they killed Rana.

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Nick has been the prime suspect from the off and has been acting shifty for months.

We know he’s hiding plenty of other things – namely that he stole his own grandmother, Audrey’s £80K inheritance and put the blame on her dead lover Lewis Archer.

Nick, Corrie (Credit: Corrie YouTube)
Nick’s been acting suspicious, but did he do it? (Credit: ITV)

With all that going on, he’s been pulled in for questioning by the police several times over what happened at the factory – are they barking up the wrong tree or did he do it?

Gary has been in deep with loan shark Rick Neelan for months. He’s lost everything, including his girlfriend, Sarah Platt, and his business.

Gary Windass Corrie beaten up
Did Gary do it? (Credit: ITV)

A recent trailer shows Gary being tortured by Rick – is this punishment for his debts, or has someone else paid Rick to get revenge on Gary for Rana’s death?

Robert has been acting strange for a while too – long absences and mysterious meetings.

We know Tristan Gemmill, who plays him, is leaving the show – could his unmasking as the roof saboteur be the beginning of his exit storyline?

Was Robert responsible (Credit: ITV)

The news it’s one of these three will be a disappointment to fans who were sure they had spotted ‘proof’ Peter Barlow was the villain responsible for Rana Habeeb’s death.

The former sailor behaves very suspiciously in the explosive trailer for the reveal of the villain and it’s what he doesn’t say that had fans convinced he will confess all.


As Carla suffers from paranoid delusions, Peter struggles to calm her down in the first look footage of the dramatic week of late-night episodes of the soap.

Distraught by her emotional state and the guilt she feels over Rana’s death in the factory roof collapse, Carla insists: “I killed her.”

And fans were convinced the conversation would continue and Peter, heartbroken over Carla’s state, would confess his own guilt in an attempt to make her feel better.

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One said: “That’s setting Peter up to confess!”

Another added: “Now you really wouldn’t be silly enough to make Peter the villain after all this now would you?!”

Coronation Street fans spot 'proof' Peter is Rana's killer in new trailer
Carla is distraught in the trailer (Credit: ITV)

It has previously been confirmed that the identity of the new cobbles super villain will be uncovered during the week, when we will also get to see a special episode showing Carla’s mental breakdown from her perspective.

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