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Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Frail Audrey left reeling as Stephen makes shock threat

Will Audrey be okay?

Coronation Street spoilers tonight reveal returning Stephen Reid delivers a shock threat to Audrey as she recovers in hospital in the ITV Soap.

Meanwhile, Maria is left shaken by an explicit deep-fake video and Peter is still at loggerheads with Thorne.

All this and more in Coronation street spoilers for tonight.

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Corrie Stephen and Gail put on a united front for Audrey
Stephen makes it clear to Audrey he’s not happy (Credit: ITV)

Stephen delivers shock threat

Stephen makes peace with Gail when he apologises for blaming her for Audrey’s accident.

He says he will help mother and daughter reconcile as Audrey is still refusing to see Gail.

Stephen brings Gail to the hospital with him and tells Audrey he intends to make peace between them.

He leaves Audrey shocked when he tells her he will be on the first plane home if Audrey and Gail don’t patch things up.

But will Audrey give in to his threat? Or will she remain at odds with Gail forcing Stephen to follow through and leave?

He might not want to depart just yet as a spark of attraction with Elaine is very clear when he thanks her for her help with Audrey.

Coronation Street Maria is upset to see another viral fake video of her
The latest deep-fake video really upsets Maria in Coronation Street spoilers tonight (Credit: ITV)

Maria devastated by explicit sex-tape leak

It’s a bad day for Maria when she bites Max’s head off, the neighbours are cross over their bins not being emptied and Liam gets into a fight at school.

It turns out Liam’s fight was about another video of his mum.

This video is more explicit as her head has been put on a naked body to make it look like she’s starring in a porn film.

Devastated Maria feel shaken and violated.

Meanwhile, Gary is raging, but how far will he go to defend his wife?

Coronation Street Peter is forced to think about what Simon said
Peter has a lot to think about: cash or vendetta? (Credit: ITV)

Will Peter take Thorne’s deal in Coronation Street spoilers tonight?

With Peter still determined to make Thorne pay, Carla urges him to think about the £100k offer. She insists it’s a life-changing sum and he should think long and hard before turning it down.

Simon is also on Carla’s side and points out Peter shouldn’t just reject it out of hand.

Peter later meets up with Tricia the nurse and, realising she can’t offer anything new as evidence, he wonders if he should give up the fight after all.

Corrie Todd tries to apologise to Frank
Will Frank lash out? (Credit: ITV)

Todd helps George

Todd forms a plan to help George expose Frank as a bully.

George confides Frank once flushed his head down the loo after George spilled water on him.

Todd then spills water down Frank’s shirt, but how will Frank react?

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