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Sue Nicholls’ life saved by Coronation Street fan who spotted her cancer on television

The Audrey Roberts actress is forever grateful

Coronation Street star Sue Nicholls once had her life saved by an eagle-eyed fan who spotted she had cancer on the television.

Sue, whose alter ego Audrey Roberts is currently facing a life or death battle after a horror accident, was so grateful to nurse Anna Bianconi-Moore that she invited her to the Corrie set to thank her in person.

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Sue Nicholls looks serious as she talks to Lorriane
Sue (Credit: ITV)

Sue Nicholls’ cancer scare

In 2010 Anna was watching Corrie and saw Audrey was wearing a sleeveless nightie to seduce her toyboy lover Lewis Archer.

But she wasn’t interested in the sexy scenes, Anna instead noticed a mole on actress Sue’s shoulder.

She instantly knew something wasn’t right.

Anna realised it was a malignant melanoma.

She got in touch with the show to warn Sue she needed to get it checked out.

It took a year for Sue to have the mole removed and get a confirmed diagnosis.

But once she was all clear she appealed for Anna to get back in touch. Anna then visited the cobbles so Sue could thank her for saving her life.

At the time Anna told The MailOnline: “I noticed it was irregular in shape and had at least three different colours that I could distinguish by standing close to the television.”

Although Sue had the mole and surrounding tissue removed in plenty of time, if not caught early the cancerous cells of a melanoma can grow quickly into the layers of your skin. It can then infect the blood vessels and cause tumours elsewhere.

Of Anna and her life-saving diagnosis, Sue told the website: “It was so important to me to meet Anna, and thank her.

“She is such a kind, conscientious and clever lady. I wouldn’t have done anything about my mole had she not got in touch – it was just a freckle, and I’d had it for ever.”

Audrey Roberts has been secretly boozing in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)
Audrey Roberts has been secretly boozing in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

What’s happening to Audrey in Coronation Street?

Audrey’s life on the cobbles is currently drama-filled.

Her eyesight has been declining, and her love of a cheeky drink has become a bit more serious and a lot more regular.

Audrey was diagnosed with cataracts and has had an operation to have them removed.

But more serious is her drinking.

She is knocking back G&T after G&T followed by several glasses of wine. She was even banging on the door of the Rovers at opening time demanding a drink on Wednesday June 23.

And then she got so drunk she sacked everyone at the barbers and spent most of her day flirting with Ryan Connor.

No one could get through to her and she insisted she did not have a drinking problem.

As she banished everyone and insisted she wanted to be left alone, Audrey took a fall and was trapped under a motorbike.

She called out for help, but no one could hear her…

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Audrey Roberts looks sad and frail in hospital
Audrey survives, but will she admit she’s got a problem? (Credit: ITV)

Does Audrey die in Coronation Street?

After being discovered on Friday (June 24) by Brian and Elaine, Audrey’s son Stephen Reid arrives in the nick of time.

Stephen is furious with Gail and the Platts for not noticing Audrey was missing all night.

Gail is terrified Audrey will die, but she does make a recovery in hospital.

Next week, Stephen manages to calm things down, but can he get Gail and Audrey to make up?

Will Audrey finally admit she needs help?

And just why is Audrey drinking so much? Loneliness? Depression? Or is something more serious going on?

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