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Sunday 29th March 2020

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Yasmeen and Geoff's explosive showdown explained as she finally packs her bags

Is this the end of Geoff?

Coronation Street's Yasmeen Nazir finally confronts Geoff Metcalfe in an explosive showdown next week.

But will she leave him at last?

Geoff has been subjecting his wife Yasmeen to horrific coercive abuse for months, and in next week's Coronation Street things are about to take yet another sinister turn for the couple.

Alya is shocked when Geoff fakes a heart attack (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans have been left sickened by Geoff's mental abuse and controlling behaviour towards his wife.

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He has done everything from locking her in a box, to tricking her into eating her own pet chicken. Now he's up to more games as he fakes a funny turn.

Yasmeen's granddaughter, Alya has been suspicious of Geoff for a while and next week sees her quizzing him about the lies he has made up about the hotel booking for Zeedan's wedding.

Geoff fakes heart pains, leading to Yasmeen calling an ambulance (Credit: ITV)

Does Geoff have a heart attack?

Alya knows that he is lying, but to avoid answering, Geoff fakes a heart attack!

Clutching his chest, Geoff gives the performance of a lifetime. But when Yasmeen calls an ambulance, the paramedics unsurprisingly can't find anything wrong with him.

When Geoff then refuses to go to the hospital for further tests, Alya and Ryan are more convinced than ever that he was faking the whole thing.

Sadly Yasmeen falls for his act and announces that they can't now go to Spain.

Alya and Ryan are convinced that Geoff faked his heart attack (Credit: ITV)

Geoff is thrilled that his plan has worked, but Alya isn't letting him get away with his lies that easily. She soon confronts him about his fake heart attack.

But when Alya reveals she has been to the police, Geoff really loses his temper and threatens her, just as Yasmeen gets home.

Alya confronts Geoff and he turns nasty (Credit: ITV)

Yasmeen sees Geoff's true colours

Yasmeen is horrified when she finds Geoff attacking Alya and orders him off her. But while Geoff assures his wife that he would never lie, it is clear that the scales are finally starting to fall from Yasmeen's eyes.

After Geoff goes up for a shower, Yasmeen scrolls through his emails and is horrified to find ones from the escort agency.

But before Yasmeen can do anything about her discovery, Geoff comes downstairs and catches her on his computer.

Yasmeen catches Geoff threatening Alya (Credit: ITV)

Yasmeen and Geoff have a showdown

However, this time Yasmeen stands her ground and questions him about the agency emails, as well as his fictitious Spanish hotel booking.

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Geoff admits that he lied and finally something snaps in Yasmeen and she tells him she is leaving for her grandson's wedding, and he isn't coming with her.

Yasmeen and Geoff finally have a showdown (Credit: ITV)

But as she grabs her suitcase and goes to leave, Geoff blocks the door and tells her that she isn't going anywhere.

Could there be a hostage situation on the cards?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

Coronation Street's scheduling pattern will be changing due to the coronavirus pandemic and will air on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm from Monday, March 30. 

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