When does Geoff get found out in Coronation Street?

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Geoff tries to see Yasmeen

What is he planning?

In next week’s Coronation Street, Geoff tries to visit Yasmeen in prison. But how will she feel about seeing him?

Preview pictures for the upcoming episodes show that Alya asks Sally to be a witness for Yasmeen, which prompts Sally to book a prison visit.

Will Yasmeen tell her about the extent of the abuse she’s faced? And will Sally agree to defend her in court?

Meanwhile, Geoff  begins making plans to meddle some more.

Geoff applies for a prison visit (Credit: ITV)

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He applies for a prison visit to see Yasmeen. But will Yasmeen agree to see the man who abused her for months?

Geoff returns to work as Speed Daal

Later, Geoff returns to work at Speed Daal much to Alya and Ryan’s dismay. What is he up to?

Geoff tries to turn people against Yasmeen

Sally has her doubts about Geoff (Credit: ITV)

For weeks, Yasmeen has been in prison waiting to see if she’ll be charged for attempted murder.

Although she pleaded not guilty, she expressed to Alya that she’s worried about what Geoff will think of her plea.

But Alya is determined to make Yasmeen and other cobbles residents see that Geoff was the abuser.

Who else believes Yasmeen?

Yasmeen is in prison waiting to see if she’ll be charged with attempted murder (Credit: ITV)

As well as Alya and Ryan believing Yasmeen, Sally, Eileen, Carla and Roy also appear to have their doubts about Geoff’s side of things.

However, despite Sally being unsure, her husband, Geoff’s son, Tim, is adamant that Geoff is the victim.

Do Geoff and Nicky know each other?

Recently, viewers were introduced to new character Nicky, who was revealed to be a sex worker. But does she already have a connection to the Street?

Nicky met Daniel. But does she already know someone who lives on Coronation Street? (Credit: ITV)

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Although she’s become friendly with cobbles resident Daniel, it seems there could be a chance she and Geoff have cross paths.

Whilst being married to Yasmeen, Geoff has been meeting up with escorts. And with Nicky coming into the picture, viewers think there’s a chance she may have been one of the women Geoff was seeing.

Do you think Nicky could play a part in proving Yasmeen’s innocence?

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