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Wednesday 8th July 2020

Good Morning Britain fans call out hypocritical Piers Morgan after furious coronavirus rant

Piers Morgan opened today's Good Morning Britain (23rd March)  with a furious coronavirus rant.

He expressed extreme distaste about how people were behaving over the weekend in the UK.

Piers Morgan launched a furious coronavirus rant on Good Morning Britain (Source: ITV)

Calling them "morons" for ignoring social distancing guidelines by congregating in parks and markets across the country.

However, viewers took to Twitter to call out the opinionated host, with one begging Piers to "self isolate"

Piers Morgan along with Dr Hilary, urged viewers to stay at home and stop ignoring government measures to stop the spread of COVID-19.

" It is not working! They think it is big jolly!"

He went on to say " We are now in a death toll. We have already surpassed Italy, Spain and France. The bomb is going off in this country!"

While Dr Hilary said visiting packed parks made people "just as much at risk as in an enclosed pub."

Dr Hilary Jones joined Piers on Good Morning Britain (Source: ITV)

The government has advised that everyone avoids unnecessary social contact in order to halt the spread of coronavirus.

This includes working from home if possible, avoiding social gatherings and only going outside for essentials like food.

It also the first day that schools will be closed to all children except for those whose parents are "key workers."

However, Piers Morgan and many others feel the country should be on lockdown like many other countries in Europe.

Susanna Reid has been self-isolating (Source: ITV)

His frustration reached its peak this morning. The TV host lead an emotive plea: " We're all under attack and we're going to lose loved ones. Being told to go inside your damn house is NOT a sacrifice."

Although many viewers supported Piers's view, other's accused him of hypocrisy on social media.

One said: " I see Piers is spouting mouth everyday about people being out and GMB weather girl is out in Marlow, and they are all in the studio when no one needs them to be!"

Another pointed out: "No thank you Piers as much as I like you, your constant shouting and ranting is neither welcome or helpful so the BBC once again for me."

While another claimed Piers Morgan was the one who encouraged people to stockpile: "Is this the same Piers Morgan who encouraged people to stockpile?"

Good Morning Britain fans called out Piers (Source: ITV)

Some Good Morning Britain viewers supported Piers's view. One praised him : Credit where credit is due but @piersmorgan

is roasting the moronic general public today for ignoring #CoronavirusPandemic and he’s spot on! What a bunch of selfish idiots those people are!! #GMB #piersmorgan"

While the overwhelming consensus among Good Morning Britain viewers was that the TV host should let Dr Hilary speak.

One viewer said: "#GMB @piersmorgan please, please stop talking over Dr Hilary. We want to hear him speak, we want to listen to telling us about the virus, not you and your anecdotes!! #stoptalking"

Another said: "Only a matter of time before Dr. Hilary shouts “BECAUSE I’M A DOCTOR at Morgan"

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