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Hollyoaks star Joe Tracini ‘admits he wants to kill himself on low days in lockdown’

The actor opened up about his mental health struggles

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The son of comedian Joe Pasquale, Hollyoaks actor Joe Tracini, has admitted he wants to kill himself on low days as he struggles with his personality disorder during lockdown.

Joe Pasquale and son Joe Tracini
Hollyoaks actor Joe Tracini, pictured here with his dad Joe Pasquale, has admitted he often has suicidal thoughts (Credit:

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The actor, who played Dennis Savage in the Channel 4 soap, has spoken about his mental health issues on YouTube before.

Joe has become an internet sensation for his outdoor dance performances wearing a leotard while in isolation.

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He shared his struggles, and his advice on looking after your mental health in lockdown, with Lorraine Kelly on Good Morning Britain.

He said: “So on Tuesday my brain kept telling me to kill myself and I waited it out, as I do.

“If I just hang about, however I feel always changes, and I’ve stopped watching the news, there is no news for me.

“Can I go out? No. I will stay here and put a leotard on.”

Joe shared his mental health struggles with Lorraine on Good Morning Britain (Credit: ITV)

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Joe went on to admit that he has struggled with suicidal thoughts since he was a child and urged any GMB viewers having the same thoughts “do not kill yourself”.

He said: “I think that the one thing that I always do is that if I feel negative I don’t stop myself feeling negative. Because it doesn’t go anywhere if I ignore it.

I do feel for people who do not have anyone there and I hope they are alright.

“I don’t tell myself ‘don’t be sad because someone has it worse’, that’s the same as telling myself don’t be happy as someone out there is happier.

“It does help but I also have spent the vast majority of my life self-isolating since 1994. So when you are on your, own hearing about people who are not on their own doesn’t help,” he continued.

“But I do feel for people who do not have anyone there and I hope they are alright.”

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Joe continued with his heartfelt advice, urging: “Wait, that’s all we can do. This will change as well, we are all on pause at the minute.”

He added: “There will come a point that there are a lot of people who haven’t been on pause and will need to. If you are anything like me and you are thinking about killing yourself, don’t. Because the world needs you.”

Joe has previously revealed he went to rehab after drug addiction left him weighing just five-and-a-half- stone.

He credits his flatmate at the time, Hollyoaks co-star Emmett J. Scanlan, with saving his life.

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