Chloe episode three

Chloe episode three on BBC One: What is Becky’s end game? And other pressing questions!

Erin Doherty is addictively brilliant as Becky/Sasha

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Chloe continued on BBC One this week with an ever-more compelling episode 3 – and we are TOTALLY invested.

Like any decent thriller, we’re dying to find out more about Becky Green, her motives and her end game.

There are still so many mysteries to be unravelled.

Here’s our rundown of the most pressing questions we need answering as the series continues!

***Warning: spoilers from episode 3 of Chloe ahead***

Chloe episode three
Was Chloe as perfect as she looked? (Credit: BBC)

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Chloe episode 3 questions – what is Becky’s end game?

In episode 3 of Chloe, Becky continued to investigate the secrets Chloe kept from Elliot, Livia and the rest of her friends.

Which is, frankly, a bit rich coming from someone living a double life!

But we still don’t really know why Becky is so obsessed with Chloe or trying to take over her life now she’s gone.

The most pressing question is why Chloe and Becky lost touch in the first place…

The script hints that Becky has behaved like this before, so did her clingy, needy behaviour drive Chloe away?

Now we know that Chloe did NOT mean to call Becky on the night she died.

In fact, she mistakenly pressed Becky Green in her phone, rather than Richard Greenwood – who we now know was having an affair with Chloe.

Or at least, we think they were, it’s hard to tell what is fact and what is fiction!

But it’s clear Chloe wasn’t reaching out to Becky at all, something that leaves Becky spiraling.

But what is Becky’s end game? Does she want Chloe’s old life, or does she suspect foul play in Chloe’s death?

Or is her lifelong obsession with Chloe just continuing even after her death?

Will Richard work out the truth about Becky?

Richard isn’t as perpetually drunk as he seems to be.

He worked out that Becky/Sasha was having an affair with Elliot – a revelation that subsequently drove a wedge between her and Livia.

He’s also pretty sure he’s met Becky/Sasha before.

Becky’s flashbacks confirm that they did meet when they were younger.

In fact, Richard was cruel and dismissive of the younger Becky.

With a little digging, will Richard discover that Sasha is really Becky?

And will he expose her for the fraud she really is?

Chloe episode three
Erin Doherty leads a stressful double life as Becky/Sasha in Chloe (Credit: BBC)

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Chloe episode 3 questions – did Chloe kill herself or was it more sinister?

We still don’t know if Chloe took her own life – or whether something more sinister happened.

Viewers learnt that she suffered from depression, but had stopped taking her meds.

Could this have led her to suicide?

On the surface, she seemed to have it all, but clearly her Instagrammed life wasn’t real.

Was Sasha’s death Becky’s fault?

The only time we get to see the real Becky is when she’s with her mum.

Sadly, Becky is neglecting her sick mum to spend time with her new friends.

It seems she’s running away from the horrors of her home life – which includes the death of her sister Sasha.

In episode 3 of Chloe, we learnt more about Becky’s little sister Sasha.

We know she died, and probably very young.

There are hints that Becky’s mum blames Becky for the death.

Was Becky (played expertly by Erin Doherty) somehow to blame for her little sister’s death?

Could Becky have PTSD or buried trauma from what happened to her sister?

And how did the girl die? Did she drown in the bath as flashbacks suggest?

Chloe cast
Poppy Gilbert, Billy Howle, Erin Doherty, Pippa Bennett-Warner, and Jack Farthing star in thriller Chloe (Credit: BBC One)

Who called Becky at the end of Chloe episode 3?

At the end of Chloe episode 3, Becky receives a call in the middle of the night.

During a rare moment where she was actually trying to sleep, Becky’s phone rang – but we didn’t see the caller ID.

The voice at the other end of the line hissed: “You’re a [bleeping] loser; I want you to stop.”

To which Becky responded by shouting: “Stop calling me.”

Who was the caller and was it even real?

Is Becky really falling for Elliot?

Becky and Elliot resumed their relationship in episode 3 of Chloe.

But does Becky actually have genuine feelings for Elliot?

Or is she just using him to get closer to Chloe and the truth about her death?

Meanwhile, she’s still having sex with Josh, which all seems totally strange.

Becky is walking a tightrope, and it’s only a matter of time before her double life comes crashing down!

Which is EXACTLY why we’re watching…

Chloe continues on BBC One with episode four on Monday February 14 2022 at 9pm.

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